If you’re a mochi lover, you already know the heavenly taste; however, if you’re new to this, let us share with you what these magnificent, heaven-sent desserts taste like. Imagine having your favorite ice cream flavor (or a mind-blowing flavor that you’ve never tasted before) inside a soft, chewy dough. This is an understatement of how mochi really tastes, so we’re going to let you try it for yourself. That’s why we decided to share with you the best mochi places in Egypt.

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𝗧aiyaki Japanese Ice Cream

If you’re craving a new dainty dessert, it’s time to dig into Taiyaki’s explosively flavorful items. From coconut ice cream to all kinds of mochi flavors, you won’t be disappointed. How curious are you to try their chocolate, unicorn, pistachio, yuzu, and matcha ice cream flavors?

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Instagram: Taiyaki

Facebook: Taiyaki

Phone number: 01115552030

Website: www.taiyakiegypt.com


How about some authentic Japanese mochi? This place will make you fall so hard in love with mochi all over again. Not only do they have creative, tasty ice cream flavors, such as pumpkin spice and more, but they also have the most delicious Boba drinks.

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MOA Gate 19

Flamingo Hypermarket


The Yard

Instagram: Momochi

Facebook: Momochi

Phone number: 01200511180

Website: orderfast.com/momochieg 

Moishi Egypt

Whether you’re looking for yummy boba tea, delicious mochi flavors, or tasty iced coffee, Moishi Egypt will astound you. Their versatile menu and amazing quality make them one of the best places to visit for mochi.

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City Stars Heliopolis

Mall of Egypt

Palm Hills Street 88

Arabella Plaza

Arkan Plaza

Instagram: Moishi Egypt

Facebook: Moishi Egypt

Phone number: 01092942794

Website: moishi.com/home/

Zenzoo Cairo

While you’re enjoying the Christmas lights and festivities at the Walk of Cairo, make sure to pay a visit to Zenzoo Cairo for the best boba drinks and amazing mochi.

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Location: Walk of Cairo, ElSheikh Zayed

Instagram: Zenzoo Cairo

Facebook: Zenzoo Cairo

Tao Cairo

For those who appreciate Asian cuisine, here is a rare find! This Multi-Asian experience offers a journey through Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisine. When you’re having your unique lunch, don’t forget to make room for finger-licking good mochi.

Contact Information:

Location: Dusit Thani

Instagram: Tao Cairo

Facebook: Tao Cairo

Phone number: 0226140080

Website: http://Taocairo.com/

Mochi Goo

If you’re looking for a mochi that tastes amazing and is affordable at the same time, this is the place for you. Mochi Goo is based in Alexandria, so on your next visit, make sure to try their mochi; you’ll be amazed.

Contact Information:

Location: Saba Basha, Alexandria Egypt

Instagram: Mochi Goo

Facebook: Mochi Goo

Almo Mart

This Asian supermarket has got everything you will need to prepare Asian meals for your family. Needless to say, you’ll find amazing mochi and other delicious Japanese desserts too.

Contact Information:

Location: Building 8, Moustashar Hafez Badawi Street, 7th District, Nasr City

Instagram: Almo Mart

Facebook: Almo Mart

Phone number: 01551220498

Mochi is finally getting the attention it deserves! If you haven’t tasted it before, get ready to find your true love. Which place are you most excited to visit?

Main image credit: @momochi.eg