Your Guide To Finding Eid Al Fitr Desserts and Sweets In UAE 2019

Omneya Hossam
6/3/19, 12:00 AM

Eid Al Fitr comes bearing happiness, joy, and sweets. Wherever you are eid desserts are essential. Kahk, Mamoul, chocolate dates, and much more. So drop everything and quit any diet for one day at least because we have the best dessert shops in the UAE that you can buy eid sweets and oriental desserts from.

1. Dubai

Al Baba sweets

Al Baba sweets will offer you Lebanese and oriental sweets with many options to choose from.

Sugar Moo

Sugar Moo will serve your favorite classic Mamoul, Vimto desserts and decorative cakes for your sweet tooth.


Basbousa is a traditional Egyptian store that will sell you all the Egyptian delicacies including Basbousa, Kunafa and more.

Sale Sucre

Another Egyptian shop that will offer you all the Egyptian sweets you are looking for including delicious Kahk with many mouthwatering fillings.

2. Sharja

Sallora Sweets

Sallora offers all kinds of oriental sweets. You name it, Kunafa Basbousa, Atayef, etc. 

Kullaj Omar

Kullaj offers a unique Palestinian dessert which is Kullaj. Basically a similar dessert to Kunafa that can be enjoyed with the same ingredients.

3. Abu Dhabi


Arabesque will offer you all kinds of oriental sweets from across the Middle East. You can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Al Samadi

Al Samadi has a variety of all the oriental desserts, you can think of in addition to ice creams and coffee. You can order your eid desserts in a set and have it delivered to your home as well.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @albabasweets



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