20 Stylish Eid Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Girl

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Time 4/1/24, 1:00 PM
Stylish Eid Outfit Ideas

Eid Al-Fitr 2023 is just a few days away! Getting ready for Eid requires some preparation; you need a new outfit, a pretty hairstyle, a simple makeup look, and some accessories too. Don't get overwhelmed; just take a little time to see these 20 stylish Eid outfit ideas featuring some of my favorite fashion bloggers. Your Eid style plan should get going by knowing what you will wear for Eid first, and then the rest of your look details can be chosen accordingly. Whatever your style is, you'll find an outfit idea that will match your taste.


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1. Satin set


Satin set


Satin sets are a versatile and stylish option for Eid. What is great about it is that you can wear it casually or formally. So, if you are going to a casual family gathering, you can pair it with a basic shirt and wear sneakers or sandals. For a formal occasion or an Eid night out, you can pair your set with high heels, statement jewelry, and a clutch to complete the look.


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2. Corset belt


Corset belt


Styling a corset belt for Eid can be a fun way to include this trendy piece in your holiday outfit. Pair it with straight-leg jeans or cargo pants, then layer it over an oversize white chemise or a shirt. Accessorize your corset with statement jewelry, such as a long necklace or a pair of oversized earrings. You can add a headband; it is a great addition to the outfit.



3. 'Boss' Chic Eid Outfits


 'Boss' Chic Eid Outfits


If you want to wear something fierce and you feel like putting on a 'high fashion' outfit for Eid, take out your stilettos, blazers, and perfectly fitted pants. These looks are great for the evening and definitely a mood booster.



4. Bohemian outfit 


 Bohemian outfit


Boho chic style is a modern take on the boho aesthetic that typically mixes bold bohemian details with simple pieces. So, it's the perfect choice for an Eid outfit. To have this cheerful style that is characterized by long, loose, colorful clothing, you can consider pairing a long, colourful maxi colorful bohemian kimono over a blouse or a shirt, then pairing it with flowy pants, or leather pants if the weather is still chilly. Finish the look with your favorite accessorize.


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5. Blazer lovers 


Blazer lovers


For those who love wearing blazers, you are lucky because one blazer can be styled in many different chic ways. So, of course, you've got to consider a blazer for an Eid outfit. To style a blazer, get the oversize trendy blazer and wear it over a dress for a more feminine look, or you can pair it with flowy pants and a blouse. You can also go for a cropped blazer; they are so in, and it can be paired with a skirt for a chic look. To complete your unique look, choose to wear simple chic accessorize.



6. Feminine look


Feminine look


It's dress season, and you can play around with some feminine pieces for this Eid. A puffed-sleeve dress would be a perfect choice; you can wear it with heeled sandals or pretty slip-ons. If you don't want to wear a dress, pair a cute ruffled top with your favorite statement pants.



7. Blazer dress


Blazer dress


Blazer dresses are a great fashion piece; they are so stylish and sexy, and they can be worn in both casual and formal settings. You can wear it open or closed; if open, wear a dress under it, but it has to be shorter than the blazer to pop the blazer up. Pair it with heels for an elegant look for a night out, or you can just wear sneakers for a casual morning outing.



8. Effortless Casual Eid Outfits


Effortless Casual Eid Outfits


For the girls who don't like fuss but need a little oomph, an effortless but chic Eid outfit is what you need. Here, it's all about fit, coordination, and a really good piece. like a good, unique pair of denim jeans or a crisp, casual, trendy shirt. You can elevate the look with brightly colored heeled sandals or funky accessorize. 



9. Monochrome Outfit


Monochrome Outfit

A monochromatic outfit is a very stylish and sophisticated choice for Eid. To style a monochrome outfit, start by choosing a color that suits your skin tone and gather different pieces in varying shades and textures of that color from your wardrobe. The great thing about mixing textures and patterns can also add interest to your look. Make sure to achieve the balance of your outfit by adding accessories, such as statement jewelry.



10. A Jumpsuit


 A Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit can be a stylish and comfortable option for Eid. Consider adding a pop of color to your jumpsuit, as Eid is often associated with bright and cheerful colors. To complete the look, wear strappy heels and a clutch. Don't forget to add your favorite rounded necklace.



11. Statement color


 Statement color


Now is the time for these colorful, bright statement outfits. These orange, yellow, or green shades are a perfect representation of the summer spirit and Eid happiness. They can surely be styled up and down through accessories, shoes, jewelry, and headscarves. Choose a color that flatters your skin tone and style it in a funky, fashionable way with jeans or a statement color pants.



12. Cropped vests


Cropped vests


For me, this cropped vest would be my ultimate best choice for an Eid outfit; it's so trendy and chic, and it gives this clean, sleek look. It can be worn over a shirt, or you can wear it alone. They go perfectly with jeans or flowy pants.



13. Cargo pants


Cargo pants


 Cargo pants are your look of choice for this Eid. Especially the ones with long hems, baggy legs, and pockets. To achieve the stylish and edgy look, you can pair your cargo pants with chunky heels to add a feminine touch, or you can just wear them with sneakers. To keep the look extra on-trend, add fitted tops or body suits.



14. Denim on denim


Denim on denim


Denim on denim is a fashionable and stylish option for Eid that can be styled in a variety of ways. One option is to pair a denim jacket with jeans in a different wash or color and add a corset top. Another option is to wear a denim midi skirt with a denim shirt or jacket. To elevate the outfit, consider adding accessories such as a leather belt and gold jewelry.



15. Linen set


 Linen set


Linen sets are perfect for Eid morning gatherings. They are so comfortable and stylish at the same time. Try to choose a bright color to match the Eid cheerful vibes; you can wear it with a shirt under it and put on your favorite white sneakers.



16. Denim skirt


Denim skirt


The popular denim midi skirt can be styled in many ways. Pair it with a T-shirt for a laid-back, casual look. You can also layer a denim button-up top over the skirt to create this Canadian tuxedo. You can add a pop of color, by wearing a colored blazer over a white shirt. Complete this fashionable look with the trendy head band.



17. Belseh set


Belseh set


Go creative with your Eid look by wearing the Belseh set. You can wear heeled sandals if you are going to a night event, but if you are just having a casual day, you can put your sneakers on. Remember to wear a statement accessorize to complement the set.



18. satin dress


satin dress


As satin is so in this year, you gotta get your satin dress for Eid; they are eye-catching on their own. What is great about satin dresses is that they are comfy and chic at the same time. You can pair them with heels or sandals. Complete the look with cute accessorize to complement the dress.



19. Crazy pants


Crazy pants


How about going crazy with Eid outfits? Let's get out of our comfort zone and buy something crazy and new. So get funky patterned pant with badges all over them and pair them with a basic, simple shirt as the pant is already eye-catching.


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20. The maxi skirt


The maxi skirt


Maxi skirts are so in this season, especially the satin ones. To style it, pair it with a simple, plain shirt or a vintage graphic shirt and a pair of sneakers for a casual look. You can also pair it with heels or sandals and add a blazer for a more elegant look on a night out.


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