Almost all of us wait impatiently for Eid vacation to take a few days off work, travel, spend some quality time with family, and pull off some Eid dresses that are comfy and suitable. That's why we listed some dresses below that are easy to wear from day to night with a few alternations to make them even more fitting for Eid. Additionally, these dresses have something for every taste and every kind of girl, from minimalists to hijabis to print lovers. Whether you're going on vacation or spending Eid in the city, you'll love these dresses.

Take a look at some summer dresses that you can wear from day to night by scrolling down to the gallery...

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Stripy or Printed Simple Dresses

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Whether you're at the beach or cooking Eid Fatta at your parent's place, it is best to pair a simple dress with comfy sandals or slippers. However, if you're going out at night or celebrating Eid in style and want a chic evening look, switch out the sandals for heels, heeled sandals, or fancy flats. 

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Summer Short Dresses

eid dresses fustany
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This Eid, all we want is light, summery materials that make the weather a little bit bearable. Short dresses can be a breather for you and they can certainly be dressed up and down. Nothing transforms an outfit like beautiful statement accessories. Opt for a hat and sunglasses in the morning and go for a statement belt, beautiful big earrings, or summer bangles in the evening. They will elevate the summer dress and transform it from a morning summer dress to a chic evening outfit.

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Statement Colors

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Now is the time for these colorful, bright, statement dresses. These neon shades are a perfect representation of the summer spirit and Eid happiness. They can surely be styled up and down through accessories, shoes, jewelry, and headscarves. Choose a color that flatters your skin tone and style it however you want.

on a final note, you should know that the trendiest fabrics for 2022 are cotton, silk, linen, and satin, so make sure you choose these fabrics when you're shopping for your Eid dress.