10 Fun Ways to Spend Eid at Home

Nada Abbady
4/17/23, 12:00 PM

Eid is a festive occasion that is usually marked with celebrations and happy vibes. For some people, they enjoy spending it at home by visiting or inviting friends and families. So, if you want to feel those cozy vibes at home and at the same time do fun things in order not to be bored, here are fun ideas on how to spend the best Eid at home.

Image credit: Karen Wazen

1. Game night

Gather all your card and board games around and let’s get playing. You can also get a Mic, connect it to the big screen, and enjoy some karaoke competition. If you need some new game ideas, we have more than 20 fun game ideas to play at your next gathering.

2. Baking Kahk

You don’t have to master the baking thing, but it’s a great way to get everyone to take part in some quality time, regardless of the outcome, and if you’re having trouble finding a good recipe, check out our at-home recipes.

3. Movie and play marathons

We all grew up watching Eid plays, it brings back so many memories and nostalgia, just by hearing Adel Emam’s voice in ‘Madraset al Moshagbeen’, so let’s bring all these memories back this Eid.

Image credit: Noha Elsherbiny

4. Match outfits with your little ones

Match outfits or cool pajamas with your little ones or siblings; this day is well-known for dressing up, so keep this ritual alive. So, buy your matching outfits now and get ready for a fun Eid.

5. Make a treasure hunt for the kids around the house

Keep the little ones busy with a treasure hunt for Eideya and gifts hidden in every corner of the house. This will totally cheer them up.

6. Big family breakfast

Nothing says family time like a big table filled with all the breakfast dishes we’ve been missing the whole month of Ramadan.

Image credit: Karen Wazen

7. Make a virtual family gathering 

Stay connected with your family and loved ones to keep the Eid celebrations alive; that’s what this day is all about. You can meet at a place or you can just gather at home; for me, nothing beats homey, cozy gatherings.

8. Split into teams and participate in a workout challenge

Nothing says fun like a little challenge. So set up a whiteboard with a killer workout and challenge each other to see who will finish first; it’s a win-win anyway because you get to work out and also have fun.

9. Make a BBQ on your balcony/terrace/garden

There is nothing more fun than an outdoor BBQ; it will definitely cheer up the vibe, and you can gather with your family and friends to celebrate Eid with a delicious meal as a bonus at the end.

10. Add some vacation vibes to your roof/garden with an inflatable pool

If you have an outdoor area, set up an inflatable pool, get some smoothies, fruits, and ice cream, and beat the summer heat with your little made-up pool party.


Main Image credits: Karen Wazen



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