Price tags tend to make us go nuts nowadays, and it's not as easy as before to go shopping for a new Eid outfit. But trust me, no worries! I brought you the smartest tricks to style clothes you already have to create beautiful Eid outfit ideas. Yes, you heard right! Your wardrobe is actually full of pieces which you can transform into clothes that look like they've never been worn before.

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How to style clothes you already have:

1. Try the colorful scarf trick


With a plain top on a plain pair of pants, even if they're not of the same color, you can make your outfit look extraordinary by adding a popping scarf with a vivid pattern or print. The scarf can also be in one color but make sure it is a popping bright color that contrasts with the pieces you're wearing.

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2. Add accessories


But not any accessory! Pick the most eye-catching one you have, preferably a colored one. If you think your basic shirt, blouse or dress might be boring, don't hesitate to add a colorful necklace, tassel earrings or any statement earrings to it. Just make sure to choose a vibrant color, and watch how it will transform the whole mood!

3. Empower your outfit with contrasting lipstick and nail polish colors


You'll be amazed by how different the same outfit will look each time you put it on by just changing the color of your lipstick and nail polish!

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4. Consider denim with your shirt in & heels on


You can revive your daily casual outfit into a chic night-out look. Just pick a matching pair of heels, could be wedges, and tuck in your shirt/blouse inside your jeans and voilà!

5. Tone down fancy outfits with flats/sneakers


In other words, pick a piece you think would make you look overdressed for Eid, and match it with your daily white sneakers or even plain flats! The contrast between the elegance of the piece and the simple footwear will balance the whole look to create a unique brand new outfit suitable for Eid. Try it out with an afternoon dress/ evening jumpsuit, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @alexandrapereira