We’re continuing with the chef secrets, bringing you the top hacks from the most skilled chefs to make your culinary experience a lot easier on you. Eid, is just around the corner, and we decided to do this Chef’s Secret a Eid addition. So, we reached out to Chef Sarah El Gindy, who shared with us simple, but highly effective trick for making kahk for Eid, and getting them to taste amazing. 

So, if you find it difficult to make khak for Eid, read along for Chef Sarah El Gindy’s tricks. 

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1. They key to making Kahk is ghee

The key to making kahk taste so rich is ghee. The main difference between any two kinds of kahk is usually the different types of ghee.  Chef Sarah Al Jundi, stresses the need to choose a good type of ghee, as it will have a huge effect on the final result of the kahk. 

2. Always warm up the ghee before using it 

We know this is such a simple trick, but the effect ghee has on kahk is really big. It is necessary to warm up the ghee before you use it, it will make the kahk taste a whole lot better

3. Always add sesame seeds

Many people overlook adding sesame seeds when making kahk, eventhough it has a significant effect on the taste. Chef Sarah Al Jundi advises everyone to mix a good amount of sesame seeds with the flour when making Eid Kahk

4. The scent of kahk 

If you want to create kahk that is just as good, if not better, than the ones you can buy from a store, then you need to use, ‘scent of kahk’ when preparing it. It can be found in a lot of supermarkets, or you can purchase them from the ‘attar’.

5. Kneading the dough is the key to soft kahk 

Chef Sarah Al Jundi recommends that you should give enough time to knead the dough, do not rush or skip this step, because the success of the kahk depends on it. 

6. Always do the yeast test

It is crucial to test the yeast before using it, to make sure that it is effective. This can be done by dissolving it with warm milk, not hot, and adding sugar to it. As soon as the foam begins to appear, you’ll know the yeast is good and working. 

Tip: Be careful, if hot milk was added to yeast, it will ruin it, so always use warm milk.