So, we have a huge archive of 'Chef Takeovers' on our Instagram, and we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite recipes that have been posted. We're starting off with Chef Dina Hamdi making kunafa banofee pie. If you're looking to spice up your dessert game for your upcoming gathering, or even taking something unique to a gathering you've been invited to, this Kunafa banofee pie is definitely something to do. 

How to make Kunafa Banofee Pie by Chef Dina Hamdi:



 -1/4 kilo kunafa

- 1/2 cup of butter 

- 1/3 cup of vegetable oil 

- Dulce de leche sauce– condensed milk made on low heat for 2 hours or more until it turns into a thick sauce 

- Kunafa Syrup 

- Whipped cream 

- 3-4 Bananas

Click here to watch her prepare this dessert on our Instagram Stories. 



1. Start by toasting the kunafa! Add the butter to a hot pan, allow the butter to melt and sizzle. Add the 1/3 cup of vegetable oil to the butter as it melts.

Why do we use both oil and butter? The butter makes the kunafa tastier, while the oil adds the crispiness to the kunafa. The reason we are using a lot of butter, is because we want the kunafa base to be like cheese cake base.

2. Once the butter and oil and sizziling, start adding the kunafa to the pan. This process will take some time, so be patient and don’t increase the heat so the kunafa doesn’t burn. You need to keep stirring , to make sure the butter and oil have been mixed well with the kunafa and to avoid the kunafa from burning. 

3. Once the kunafa has become crispy and a golden color, add the Kunafa syrup to the pan and stir. 

4. Once the syrup and kunafa have been mixed well, transfer it over to your pie dish. Place the kunafa in your pie dish and press down on it, creating a flat surface. Leave it in the fridge for a bit to cool down and allow the surface to stick together even more. 

5. Add some of the Dulce de leche sauce to the flat surfaced kunafa and spread it out with your spoon, to make sure the whole surface has been covered. 

Tip: If you have a people coming over for Iftar, you can prep the pie only until step #5. Just cover it with cling wrap and leave it in the fridge. Once you’re done with Iftar, add the bananas and whipped cream to serve it fresh. 

6. Cut up the bananas into slices and add it on top of the layer of the Dulce de leche. 

7. Using a piping bag to start adding the whipped cream layer to the top of your pie. Just press down in circular motion and pull up to create a pretty design. 

8. Once you’ve covered the entire surface with whipped cream, sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of the cream. It will give it such a nice taste. 

9. Voila you’re kunafa banoffee pie is done. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @dinainthekitchen