What’s a Ramadan gathering without a delicious dessert table? After a long day of fasting and hard work, we all need that sugar boost to enjoy a lovely evening with friends and family, while we watch our favorite Ramadan TV series. And so, I made a long list of the top desserts, and where you can buy them in Egypt.

1. The Batter Half &Co.

Kunafa cones with Nutella and red velvet fillings? Yes, please. 

2. Carousel Pastries

Well, Carousel is well known for their delicious pastries, so Kitkat Golash is just the thing to try this Ramadan.

3. Copper Melt

 If you like mehalabeya, then you should try it this Ramadan at Copper Melt. They added crazy flavors to it, and you'll love it.

4. Delight

Delight is very well known for their delicious tarts, so if you're not into oriental desserts, Delight is the place for you!

5. Dukes

Dukes have all kinds of kunafa, no matter what flavor you want, you'll find it there!

6. DipnDip

DipnDip have got just the right dose of chocolate to refuel and feel energetic!

7. La Poire

One of the renowned dessert and pastry shops in Egypt, their chains are everywhere, so they'll save you when you're late to that important family Iftar! Their kunafa is a must-try.

8. Mandarine Koueider

A Ramadan family gathering is not complete without the oldest and most delicious dessert and ice-cream shop in Egypt, Mandarine Koueider. 

9. Nola Cupcakes

Your favorite cupcake shop made the perfect kunafa cupcake recipe for Ramadan.

10. The Four Fat Ladies

Basboussa just got a major revamp, and it looks too delicious!

11. Tortina

Wow, look how delicious katayef looks at Tortina, you can't let Ramadan pass by without trying them out!