For those of you worrying about your workout routine in Ramadan, this article is for you. Even after Iftar, the food coma takes over and all you can think about is lying there on the couch and possibly falling asleep. For those looking to workout after Iftar you need a boost of energy that is going to get you off the couch and into the gym or on your yoga mat.

So, here are a few smoothie combinations that are going to give you that extra boost in Ramadan, the boost that even dates alone could not achieve because, well... the great taste is a boost of its own really. For all the below smoothies, fix the ratio of ingredients and honey addition depending on your preference, we all like what we like!

1. Make the Ramadan classic milk and dates smoothie by adding ice to your blender and getting that milkshake feel to it.

2. Mix lemon, mint, basil and ice in your blender and this refreshing mix is bound to give your brain and body a wake up call to work out.

3. Mix banana and cocoa powder and get a yummy Ramadan smoothie. Nothing does energy like a good banana.

4. You can also do a smoothie bowl to give you major ice-cream vibes by blending frozen strawberries, milk and honey.

5. Dates, almond milk, oats and peanut butter is going to give you a crazy energy boost to hype you up for your workout after Iftar.

6. Mix mango, grapes, strawberries, peaches, yogurt and chia seeds for a yummy cocktail-like smoothie.

7. If you want to use ginger because it's really healthy but the taste is too harsh for you, blend the ginger with mango and nectarine, we promise you'll love it!

8. Avocado, milk and pistachio is green smoothie goodness.

9. Beetroot, orange and carrot juice is great for those who like to maintain their healthy lifestyle through Ramadan.

9. Cantaloupe, red apple, mango and milk is summer in a glass.

Main Image Credits: Very Breakfast - Instagram @simplegreensmoothies