"Get abs in 30 days!" We've seen this title everywhere; applications, websites, online plans. I've personally never believed they worked, but I was going on a holiday and decided to try them. I decided to take the easy route which is, downloading an application with workouts that do not require any equipment. Being a beginner, I could barely do full sit-ups so I only did crunches.

I know, I know! By now you want to know the answer, did I get Abs is 30 days? Well no. Of course not! Maybe if I was able to do full sit-ups, I would have. However, I did notice a huge difference in my stomach. Yes, I did. I used to play tennis and did some Yoga for a while, so I'm slightly toned, but after I stopped working out I gained stomach fat and I had the belly that gets bumpy when I'm sitting down.

I noticed that my stomach was flatter and I could definitely see that a lot of the excess bumpiness was reducing. I could straight away feel pain after the second day, It even hurt when I laughed, and I would suggest avoiding coughing at all costs! That one will bring tears. However, pain is gain and I was happy to see my tummy flexed. So no, you will not get Abs in 30 days but you will see a big difference.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sonyaesman