Every time the weather starts getting warmer, a sudden urge forces us to find and look for the best summer dresses on the market. It could take us weeks to do so since many of us spend a lot of time looking for the Spring/Summer 2022 timeless trends that can last with us for many years to come. We were finally able to find the best fashion trends that are suitable for many of us and that are great for the hot summer.

So, what are the best summer dresses trends for 2022?

Tight dresses with slit cuts are dominating the scene this year. This makes sense, given the fact that dresses with slit cuts were styled perfectly on the red carpet at the Met Gala this year. However, in this article, you will find many other styles that are suitable for everyday, casual daily outings, as well as special occasions and weddings, in which we need specific dresses with special cuts and fabrics that are suitable for evenings. 

From dresses with slit cuts to the shades of light dresses, to Marilyn Monroe-inspired dresses, we have a great list of options that you’ll love. So, scroll down and enjoy the latest summer dresses fashion trends for 2022.

Cut-out Dresses

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends for 2022 fustany

Cut-out dresses have become very popular lately. Many local brands are adopting them in their designs to meet customer demand. This summer, we swear by this fashion trick, which is opting for a maxi dress with cut-outs at the bodice for an instant sexy look. This can also take the attention away from the big hips or full tummy - if you have any of those, of course. You can wear these dress designs on special summer occasions, especially at events and beach weddings.

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Fifty Shades of Red 

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends for 2022 fustany

Red dresses are strongly back this summer, especially that bright and popping colors are trendy this season. Not only can you wear red dresses on special occasions and weddings, but you can also style casual dresses in all shades of red that are suitable for regular daily outings, such as lunch with the girls or outings with your friends.

Yellow Shades Are Trendy Too 

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends for 2022 fustany

Just like red dresses, bright yellow dresses that come in all shades are super trendy this summer. Yellow shades have been spotted in stores, especially apricot yellow everywhere recently. Even celebrities wore yellow on the red carpet. So, why not try yellow this summer? If you need to get used to the color first, you can start by choosing light pastel yellow as a start.

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Surely, White Shades Are Here

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends for 2022 fustany

We can't talk about summer dresses without mentioning white. A classic color must-have in any summer or beach-lover's wardrobe. Our favorites this season are the front-knot shirt and puff sleeves dresses since they are excellent options for curvy girls with big hips and a slightly big tummy.

Simple Linen Dresses

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends for 2022 fustany

When it comes to summer fashion, nothing speaks louder than linen dresses that are perfect for hot weather and high humidity. The lightweight fabric is primarily meant to be worn when it’s too hot and sunny, which makes it perfect for summer. You can wear linen dresses in any color you like, especially fuchsia and blue since they’re trendy and season-appropriate. You can pair them with your favorite slippers too for a more summery look.

Vintage Dresses 

Summer Dresses Fashion Trends for 2022 fustany

Travel back in time this summer by rocking vintage-inspired dresses from the 50s and 60s, featuring a square bodice, different long sleeves, and a defined waist. Additionally, floral prints, soft high-neck dresses, and off-the-shoulder prints can be perfect for vacations. These cuts will make you really feel like it’s summer.