As summer ends and we dread the return of the academic year, the least we can do is at least prepare ourselves right? And no we don't mean going back to school shopping in the sense of actual equipment and stationary, we mean clothes. Whilst some are more concerned with their studies, we can at least look good while pretending we understand whats going on right? Here's a list of the top 10 looks we're anticipating for the upcoming semester.


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1. The classic oversized t-shirt and jeans combo: the easiest co-Ord ever, this look has been one of our staples all summer and now it’s time to take it back to class. This outfit is very easy to pull off, accessible and time sensitive meaning it’ll take you less than a minute to drag yourself out the house.

How we’d do it: Have a variety of t-shirts, they’re sold everywhere, and we’d be surprised if you don’t already have at least a couple but if you want to be more sustainable, you could thrift them or just steal one from a member of your family.

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2. The long awaited return of the sweater vest:

We called it, and yes, it is happening. Sweater vests are the cutest staple wardrobe item for this fall, and we’ve even seen some across the seasons. You could jazz this look up or down, either way you’ll be turning heads on the way to class.

How we’d do it: So hip and trendy, you could pair these in a million different ways. On its own as a top, or layered under a t-shirt or shirt, both oversized and fitting. You could try and find sweater vests with patterns, such as the classic argyle look, or just plain ones too!


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3. Funky pattern shirts: These shirts have been seen everywhere lately, they come in so many different variations its almost hard to choose between them. Despite them not looking that basic, they are really easy to wear with a basic underneath and some wide fit or loose pants or jeans.

How we’d do it: We’d try and look for a selection of prints, which really isn’t that hard! We’d keep them organized together to give you easy access in the mornings, you could wear them alone, with a basic top/tank top or any top under it.

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4. Basic formal yet not so formal shirts: These are a timeless wardrobe essential, if you don’t have some, we don’t know what you’re doing at this point. White, black, blue, green and any other color you can think of your dad’s old polo shirts will suffice.

How we’d do it: Try and find different colors and fits and mix them up with the same look (could be a simple pair of jeans like in the picture).


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5. Co-ord pants and tops: These matching sets are to die for, and we’ve actually being seeing them quite a lot on our Instagram’s. They look super comfortable and practical, being super easy to wear to class.

How we’d do it: We’d look for all the neutral colors we could find, these don’t just have to be worn together, but you could wear the pants from the green set for example with the top from the white one and vice versa.


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6. Overalls: This cute look has been around for a long time, a favorite of the 90s, we’ve been seeing it slowly come back into fashion. Our mums tried to make us wear them, and we hated it, but we can’t help but think about how adorable and cool they are now.

How we’d do it: Plain, in different shades of denim or black, they really are adorable. You could try to find jumpsuits like the one above, with little stitching and details, you could even try to find patchwork ones!

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A hijabis choice: How to style your back to class outfits this season

1. Let’s start with the layering of oversized t-shirts; this look is so easy and practical; we’d be surprised if you didn’t think about it earlier. With so many to choose from, we’d find two or more basic long sleeves that are suitable for the diverse look, and pair with all the variations.

2. Next, we have the classic blouse and jeans, this comfortable look is so underrated, a blouse with a pair of simple jeans is the way to go. We’d look for not just plain blouses put ones with patterns too, think floral. Also, switch the jeans up. The colorful shirt and pants duo is completely serving back to school chic, colorful shirts are so in right now and can be worn in so many different ways they are such the investment as of recently. 

3. Once you find cute, patterned bottoms, try and find a shirt with one of the colors you can see in the pants. The last look is our favorite, it makes us feel like cardi who? As bad as the pun was, a simple cardigan as a top is so basic yet chic. More on the colder weather side, you could plan in advance. We’d find cute pastel colors, some bold vibrant colors and cropped cardigans too! You could really pair cardigans with any bottoms, maxi silk skirts or any pants.