As a teenager, I remember being fascinated by makeup, but not knowing what to do or use. My mom would only allow me lipgloss, until I grew up and thanks to YouTube started developing a profound love for it. Nowadays almost everyone has access to makeup and we're exposed daily to products and tutorials. However, many might still struggle with knowing how to do makeup for teenage beginners and knowing what makeup should a teenage girl wear. Of course there are no rules for what you can wear or use, but if you're looking for simple makeup for teenagers, these teen makeup tips will help you learn what to start having in your makeup kit and how to get an easy natural makeup look.

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1. Primer 

If you have oily skin, and you're going to be applying some foundation or coverage, you could want to start with a primer so your base can stay on longer. This one is a really option, it also has a nice blurring effect. You don't have to apply it on the entire face, just the areas that get oily.

        makeup kit for teenage beginners

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

If you have dry skin, and you find that founation or concealer look cakey or flakey on top, you should start moisturizing day and night with a gentle cream and you can also try a hydrating primer like this one. 

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e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer

2. Foundation 

Now for foundation or your base if you want some coverage, your can for a light CC or BB cream or even a light watery foundation. You can also get one with SPF to protect your skin. As for application, if you want a simple natural look, you can apply the product only on places where you feel you need coverage and then blend it out so it fades into the skin. You can use your fingers for blending, they're a great tool, just apply little by little and build up. You can also use a beauty blender for a really nice natural seamless look. 

 makeup kit for teenage beginners

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

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MILK MAKEUP Blur Liquid Matte Foundation 

3. Concealer

Concealer can help you do some extra coverage if you want to, for blemishes or dark circles, or even be a great option if you want to skip foundation all together. After moisturizing or priming, apply or dot concealer around the face and/or focus on areas that you want to perfect. With a medium sized blending brush, your fingers, or a mini beauty blender, blend the concealer into the skin using patting and outwards motions. 

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Maybelline New York Fit Me Liquid Concealer 

4. Tiner Brow Gel 

As for the eyebrows, the easiest thing to do is to using a tinted brow gel, that way you're shaping the brows and keeping them in place, while also giving them color and thickness. If your brows are sparse and you want the illusion of more hair you can use a product like this, which has small fibers that add thickness. 

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 L'Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Brow Plumper

5. Cream Blush

Cream blush is such an easy and great option for you, for many reasons. It's easy to apply quickly and blend easily. It gives the skin and cheeks a really nice fresh natural glow and a healthy look that's youthful and flattering. It can also be easily touched up throughout the day. You can really easily apply it with your finger tips. If you have acne and you don't want to disturb your coverage, you can resort instead to a light pigmented powder blush, so it's easy for you to blend. 

makeup kit for teenage beginners

Florence by Mills Cheek Me Later Cream Blush 

makeup kit for teenage beginners

Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Baby-Pink Blush

6. Cream Highlighter 

For an everyday natural look, a cream highlighter like this one below is a great option because it's easy to blend, and is more glossy, glowy and less glittery. So, it makes the skin look fresh, and naturally healthy.

        makeup kit for teenage beginners

M.A.C Strobe Cream

7. Cream Eyeshadow

I know what you're thinking...another cream product. Believe me I cannot recommend these enough, especially, if you're a beginner. You don't have to fuss around with brushes, blending and shading. These cream eyeshadows are one and done. You can just use your finger to apply, blend and then you have an eyeshadow look that looks effortless but gorgeous and sophisticated. Plus, these shimmers are really flattering.

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makeup kit for teenage beginners

H&M Cream Fusion Eye Color

8. Eyelashes 

For an everyday natural look, a eyelash curler will be your best friend, just make sure you know how to use it first. Ask for help and buy a good quality one so you don't pull out your eyelashes. Also try a mascara like this one below, that is lengthening and fluttery to give that doe eyed cute effect. This one also helps separate the lash, making it easier to avoid clumps. You can also use castor oil on your lashes before bed to lengthen and thicken your lashes. 

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara

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9. Lip Stains are your best friend 

If you want to have a lip color on all day that you don't have to worry about, lip stains are a great option. They can sometimes even look like that's just your natural lip color. This product below actually adapts to the warmth of your lips to give a natural pinky hue to the lips, while hydrating them and feeling like a lip balm. 

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Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick

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10. Liquid Lipstick

If you want more of a statement color, but you still want something that's not fussy and will last all day, liquid lipsticks are really long lasting and minimize the need of re-application. 

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Huda Beauty Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick 

11. Lipgloss!

Also lipglosses are more popular these days for a juicy hydrated lip look. This one gives an amazing luscious sheen. You can just keep it your bag and easily re-apply whenever you want.

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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

12. Teenage Makeup Tutorial

If you're looking for the easiest and most minimal 'no makeup' makeup look, check out these tutorials to follow along the steps. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @suedebrooks