I had a friend who wanted to hide her freckles and it broke my heart. I think freckles are absolutely gorgeous and stunning, and it looks like the Internet agrees with me since the fake freckles trend was everywhere on YouTube. So I went on the hunt for some of the best tutorials out there by some amazing talents, like makeup artist Linda Hallberg and Esther Lioba. So, these are 6 different ways to get fake freckles...

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How to make fake freckles:

How to make fake freckles look real 

Linda here demonstrates how use different tones of eyeshadow and brushes to get very real and natural looking fake freckles. This is ultimate way to do fake freckles perfectly, especially if you'll be taking a lot of pictures or have an event. 

How to get fake freckles using a sponge

This is another cool trick that will make your life a lot easier, using a black freckles sponge. You don't need a tiny brush or a lot of makeup skills. Just make sure you touch up with a beauty blender afterwards to blend it into the skin

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How to make fake freckles with henna

Henna may not be practical for you to do yourself, but if you can find someone or a professional to do it for you, you'll love the results. It's very natural looking and will last you longer.

How to get fake freckles using eyeshadow

This is a really cool tutorial as well showing you how to use a small brush and any taupe eye shadow to pin point on natural looking freckles.  

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How to make fake freckles using an eyeliner pencil

Another Linda Hallberg tutorial, but using a light brown pencil. This is one the easiest and most accessible ways to drawn on freckles. 

How to get fake freckles using hair root touch up spray

WARNING: If you choose to do this, it's at your own risk, because this product is not meant for the face, so it could harm your skin and cause reactions. Also you must make sure to close your eyes! Do a patch test to see if your skin reacts, but even so, it's not ideal because it's not a skin product. 

Yes you can use a root touch up spray to sprinkle on freckles. It looks very natural because it sprays the dots on naturally and you can easily fix any patches you don't like. 

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @lindahallberg