Oily skin is already shiny but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear highlighter. Highlighter puts this glow on your skin and cheekbones that gives an outstanding shine, radiance and lift to the skin. But with oily skin, many people are hesitant...

Your skin tends to secrete excess oil over the day. Even though it keeps the skin young and moisturized, it can also cause acne and make your makeup less long-lasting and a tad too shiny. So adding highlighter needs some tips to prevent that from intensifying. Highlighter can also exaggerate imperfections, so in order to avoid that here are 5 tips to wear highlighter on oily skin.

1. Do your skincare routine

Before wearing makeup, you should prepare your skin by doing your skincare routine, which can help with control the oil more. Prioritize your facial wash, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

2. Go for Powder Instead of Cream

If liquid or cream highlighter is too shiny or oily, go for a powder highlighter and you will get the same amazing glowy effect.

3. Apply foundation or BB cream

In order to control the shine add a light-weight matte foundation or BB cream. It will help the highlighter stay on longer.

4. Refine the Pores

If your pores are wide, your concern is that highlighter will make them more visible. So you can use pore refining/minimzing primer.

5. Don't Apply Too Much 

Don’t apply too much product on your face. Whether it’s cream or powder highlighter start with a small wash and then add according to what your face needs. You will start to notice when you should stop. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @Fentybeauty