Learning how to apply leg makeup for sexy legs is something that plenty of women want to learn more about. Since leg makeup and airbrush makeup are the go-to tricks for all celebrities and super models in order to get flawless legs, you can also achieve that look yourself. If you suffer from cellulite, dark spots, or even stretch marks, you can always hide that with some leg makeup. Even if you don't have issues in your legs and you just want to show them off, you can always do so with leg makeup. All you need to do is follow the below tips on how to apply leg makeup for sexy legs.

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1. Foundation for leg makeup



The first step to learn how to apply leg makeup for sexy legs is to know how to use foundation for leg makeup. Even out your legs by using body foundation with a hint of shimmer. The ‘MAC Face and Body Foundation’ could be your best option. Put a little amount of body foundation in your hands and spread it all over your legs evenly until you notice a difference.

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If you feel like your legs need more shimmer, you can use body lotion with glitter to do the trick or mix in a little bit of highlighter with foundation.

2. Airbrush leg spray to tone your legs



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You will probably find an airbrush leg spray in most of the drugstores and beauty departments in stores. One of the best airbrush leg sprays is the 'Airbrush Legs' from Sally Hansen. Spray some of it on your legs then put body lotion on top, so they can all spread evenly together. If you have a highlighter in your makeup bag, apply some of it on the front center of your legs (shin) and behind your knees.


3. Mix body lotion with shimmer

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If you're looking for a natural way to make your legs look sexy like celebrities, mix body lotion with some shimmery eyeshadow, highlighter, or liquid highlighter and apply it to your legs. This is a way to give your legs a natural and flawless glow.

4. Use BB cream for leg makeup


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Lots of beauty experts recommend BB creams as the best leg makeup product to cover scars, dark spots, and to moisturize your legs at the same time. 'Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream' or 'Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream' will give your skin the perfect texture and shine.

5. Baby oil for some shine



Baby oil is one of the most efficient ways to moisturize your skin and give it a natural glow along with a soft feel. At first, make sure to exfoliate your skin properly using dry brushing, get rid of the unwanted hair, and apply baby oil right after taking a shower. In case there are some dark spots, use a sponge or a beauty blender to conceal them.

6. Use Body Highlighters


Body highlighters have become very popular recently because plenty of girls are looking for bronzy, golden, shimmery skin, especially in the summertime so that they can look gorgeous in their short dresses and swimwear. In addition to being easy to use, body highlighters have an excellent formula that can truly transform how your leg looks. We recommend “Dormi's Glimmering Bronzer” since it has four shades and it also is water-resistant.

We want you to know that our body imperfections define us and are perfect the way they are. So, there is absolutely no shaming or anything wrong with cellulite, dark spots, or leg fat. This article is meant to help you make your legs look nicer, the way you do with normal makeup. We love, embrace, and are all for natural looks. However, we like to help every girl out there to look her best whenever she wants. Who doesn't like glowy and shimmery skin?

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