We are all looking for new and safe hair removal methods and techniques and because while a lot of girls tend to go for laser hair removal for a more permanent form, others prefer at home  hair removal devices. Each of them have their pros and cons, so that's why we're breaking down the different types of hair removal and the at home hair removal devices. 

1. Electrolysis Hair Removal

It is considered one of the modern techniques for hair removal. It relies on hair removal not with a laser, but actually using a very light electric current that destroys the hair follicles, exactly like what laser hair removal does.

There are 3 types of Electrolysis hair removal:


Which removes hair with a device that has a needle connected to the electric current that then targets the hair follicle. 


This works through radio waves that emit heat. The heat then damages the hair follicle, causing  it to delay hair growth. 

Hybrid of both...

The third type is a hybrid or mixture between between the electrical and thermal types above. And it is used when one of the above isn't suitable for your skin. You can find that out of course with your doctor consultation before starting any hair removal treatment. 

Electrolysis Hair Removal Pros: 

- It is a better option for most skin types and even those with blond hair, which is difficult to remove with normal laser hair removal, because it usually works better on darker hair. 

- It can be done on different parts of the body.

- It is said to be safe with less negative effects on the skin.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cons: 

- Unlike laser, electrolysis takes a long time.

2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal 

It is also one of the modern technologies that you can go to if you are looking for an easy and simple way to remove excess hair on your body. This technology does not use laser, but it uses a  concentrated light beam. It attracts the light to the hair with pigment and then removes hair and damaged it's follicles. When using this technique a cream or gel should be applied on the skin so as to make the hair easier to remove. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Pros:

- It can get rid of excess hair in any area of the body.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal Cons:

- It can cause pigmentation.

- It is not suitable for all skin types.

- Doesn't work on blonde or grey hair. 

3. Laser Hair Removal 

It is considered one of the most popular hair removal methods. Laser hair removal devices work on having a permanent effect towards removing excess body hair.  It works by focusing the laser on the areas you want hair removed from during specific sessions. Most laser hair removal devices work with heat, that is, by heating the hairs that have pigment and destroying its follicles. 

3 different types of laser hair removal:

Candela Laser Device

It is very effective and suitable for many people and doesn't cause a lot of pain. 

Alexandrite Laser Device

This one is recommended for those with darker skin tones. 

The Duetto MT Laser

It is suitable for all skin types and for any form of hair type, whether it's light or thick. 

Laser Hair Removal Pros: 

- It is more effective than IPL.

- It only takes a couple of sessions, a lot less than Electrolysis hair removal. 

Laser Hair Removal Cons: 

- It can cause serious burns and pigmentation. 

- It is not suitable for all skin types.

- It doesn't really work effectively for blond or grey hair.

4. Can hair removal devices be used at home?

At home hair removal devices are a great and safe way, but you have to learn to use it carefully because it could harm your skin. So, it is not recommended to use on any sensitive areas, your face or neck. It is mainly for the arms and legs. These devices work better on those with darker hair, not blondes.  Most types of at home hair removal devices work with IPL technology. Make sure you get one that doesn't have a large concentration of energy or light so that's safer on the skin. You also must read the instructions before using it to make sure nothing goes wrong. 

At Home Hair Removal Devices

There are many types of  home hair removal devices, like the Braun Silk-Expert IPL or the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair removal device. They work with IPL technology so they could help you get rid of excess body hair. 


Main Image Credits: Instagram @sincerelyjules