Did you know that the whole body hair removal process differs from one season to the other? No? Well, I didn't know that either until I stumbled upon some information that said otherwise. The difference between winter and summer when it comes to this specific skin care tip is that the hair is more likely to grow under the skin in cold weather than in hot weather. That's because our bodies are less hydrated in winter than in summer. Dry hairs also grow more in winter than in summer, and the body hair growth overall frequency is higher in the warm season.

Because all of the previously mentioned reasons, I decided to share with you the perfect body hair removal routine that I depend on during winter. Yes, it's perfect because it leaves my skin so soft and at the same time makes body hair grow slower than usual. Follow these tips, and you'll never regret it!

1. Body hydration

It's so common that we all forget to drink water when winter arrives. That's because unlike summer, our bodies don't lose much water through sweat, and thus, we don't feel thirsty as much as we do in the summer's hot weather. Remembering to drink water is so crucial in winter, especially when it comes to hair removal because if your body hair grew dry, they will be so painful to remove.

2. Regular body scrub

Dead skin grows more in winter. That's why being consistent when it comes to body scrubs is so important to remove this layer. This will lessen the problem of hair growth under the skin. Once a week is the perfect routine. Remember, ignoring this tip will make it hard to remove the body hair because the wax will stick to the dead skin layer instead of ingrown hairs.

3. Moisturizing

Whether you go for artificial creams or 100% natural oils and lotions, this tip will prevent the growth of dry hairs that are so hard to remove from the body. It will also fight winter dryness that faces the skin and that is also considered one of the most common problems during the winter season.

4. Leave a gap between each hair removal and the other

By 'gap', I mean more time. Normally, 2-3 weeks is the time that takes body hair to appear again after removal. However, things are different in winter. As mentioned before, hair takes a longer time to grow, and therefore, it's recommended to wait from 4 to 5 weeks before you go for the following hair removal session.

5. Avoid shaving

I know it seems the easiest and quickest to you. However, let me tell you this: we've said before that hair tends to be so dry in winter which makes shaving not recommended at all. The razor will only break the hairs, and your skin might end up wounded and not even smooth at all.

6. Pre-removal massage

Yes! Try massaging the area you're going to remove the hair from prior the process. This will make the blood circulate in it, removing dryness and making it less painful for you!

Main image credits: www.memorandum.com