How to treat your skin after threading is a question on all women's minds? A flattering eyebrow shape is something that all women look for, so many methods are sought to achieve it and threading is one of the most common of them. Threading basically removes your facial hair straight from the roots, leaving your skin free of unwanted hair. However, that five minute process of eyebrow or facial hair threading can cause redness and skin irritation, that might actually stay for long after. In order to protect your skin and minimize pain and redness, here are some tips you should consider to treat skin irritation after threading...

1. Wet your eyebrows with hot water so it numbs before threading.

2. After you're done with threading, make sure to wash your face with cold water in order to minimize the skin irritation caused by threading. 

3. Avoid at all costs touching your skin right after threading, as it becomes extremely sensitive. The bacteria in your hands can react with your irritated skin causing rashes or redness.

4. A great way to treat skin irritation after threading is done, is to always try to apply a light nourishing moisturizer to calm your skin down. It's also very important that the moisturizer you pick would be free of perfume or any alcohol. 

5. Applying rose water and natural oils like coconut oil can act as a mild factor to make your skin less red and more fresh. Aloe vera can also give a great soothing effect.

6. In case you have to go out in the sun light, make sure to wear a hat or oversized sunglasses to prevent your skin from any sort of irritation, (such as inflammation and itching) after threading.  

7. An ice cube can also act as a great soothing element on your skin after threading. 

8. Wash your face using anti-bacterial soap, in order to deeply cleanse your skin and keep bacteria away from open pores. Don't forget to add soothing lotion afterwards, to keep your skin soft.

9. Some people might go for a steam facial right after threading thinking that it will open the pores, however, this can cause bad results. Since your skin is already inflamed from the pressure of the thread, getting a steam facial is not the best idea.

10. Make sure to gently wash your face after you're done with threading to treat any skin irritations. Drying out your face aggressively might cause further skin breakouts.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @emmahoareau