Anti-aging in 20s?  Yes, it does sound ridiculous to start worrying about anti-aging when you're this young. But you can think of it as giving your future self a gift. The fact is premature aging is becoming more common due to our lifestyle and in our mid to late 20s our cell turnover actually decreases! Which means dead skin cells are building up more easily and our collagen production starts to decrease. 

However, like anything in life we shouldn't be obsessing over it. Aging and wrinkles are inevitable and beautiful and it would be good for us to try to embrace them. But, since we already have a skincare routine for our 20s, we could add a few more things to help prolong the skin's youth. A lot of dermatologists say what we do now can make a huge  difference in our skin when we're older.

What causes premature aging in our late 20s?

So why is our skin aging these days a little earlier than expected? What are the lifestyle choices that could be causing premature aging and increasing the possibility of wrinkles in general?

1. Sunscreen prevents aging

I've been known to torture my friends by the beach, forcing them to apply sunscreen. The fact is sunscreen should be as important as brushing your teeth in the morning. It is not just something to pack on holidays. The sun can be very damaging and is one of the main causes behind wrinkles and premature aging.

2. Dry skin & fine lines

You've probably heard people say that those with oily skin with age slower. Well the problem with dry skin is that it's your skin's way or telling you I need to be hydrated and moisturized. Giving your skin moisture will help sustain its plumpness and elasticity for longer. Also, you will notice that fine lines tend to be more prominent when you're skin's tight and dry. 

3. Exfoliation for anti-aging...

Exfoliation helps fight the effects of pollution and gets rid of the accumulation of dead skin cells, which has several effects on our skin, including possible premature aging. 

4. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Smoking, lack of sleep and not drinking enough water can really have an impact on our skin.  Also an unhealthy diet can deeply affect how your skin ages, because nutrition is food for the skin as well.

5. Sleeping on the side causes wrinkles?

Rumor has it that JLo has a pillow that forces her to sleep on her back only. Of course you don't have to do this if you're not comfortable sleeping on your back, however, it does make sense that daily push and pull against the skin can affect it. 

6. Screens and technology causing premature aging

Our smartphones and screen emit a blue light that could be causing our skin to age early. Also, our necks are also craned downwards for most of the day which is why neck wrinkles are becoming more common at younger ages now. Another reason why we shouldn't forget to extend our skincare down to our neck and dĂ©colletage. We talked about neck wrinkles before in detail...

Anti-aging skincare products to use in your late 20s: 

Now is the time to start finding and consulting a dermatologist so you can identify what your skin needs and make sure you're using the right products. It is always better to stick to a simple skincare routine and not overwhelm your skin. 

So we thought we'd bring you some of the most popular skincare ingredients and products recommended for the late 20s to help with premature aging and prolonging the appearance of wrinkles. 

Start using eye cream in your mid-late 20s...

A lot of dermatologists advise starting eye cream early, and not just for it's anti-aging purposes. It really keeps the under eye area hydrated which of course it return can prevent and prolong early signs of aging and fine lines.  Eye creams with antioxidants are recommended. 

If you're just starting with cream and looking for something dependable and hydrating the Khiel's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a cult classic. However if you're looking for an anti-aging eye serum to specifically target fine lines around the eyes, this Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum is an award winning product known for it's fast results. However, we recommend you use this right before your turn 30 and in your 30s for its target age is around mid 30s. 


Retinol in your late 20s

Retinol is a strong anti-aging ingredient. It is recommended only for your late 20s and right before turning 30. Retinol helps with cell renewal and collagen production. It is not essential before your 30s but it can really help because it can make wrinkles less noticeable. However, you should start with a really gentle formula that doesn't irritate the skin, consult a dermatologist first if you have sensitive skin and you must put SPF the morning after! The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion (Previously Advanced Retinoid 2%) is one of the gentler formulas out there. 


Niacinamide for Anti-Aging

If your skin is still going though some acne breakouts, you're going to love this ingredient for it hits 2 birds with 1 stone. Niacinamide is known to help with over oil production and pigmentation, however, it also increases cell turnover which means it also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. There's the Paula's Choice Niacinamide Booster or you can try the Olay Regenerating Serum which is a hydrating serum that also has an Amino-Peptide Complex, which  also help with collagen production.


Hyaluronic Acid for Anti-aging 

If you don't want to use ingredients for anti-aging yet, but you still want to help your skin and take care of its youth Hyaluronic Acid, as we've mentioned before is magical ingredient. Using serums and creams with hyaluronic acid can really make the skin plump and have fine lines less noticeable. This is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum.


Peptides for Anti-Aging 

As mentioned above peptides are recommended to help with collagen production and firming the skin. This La Roche-Posay Redermic C Serum is a joker card. It has Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Peptides, all of which are beautiful ingredients for the skin's moisture, brightness and youth. 


Glycolic Acid for Exfoliation 

And finally exfoliation. Regular exfoliation can really help maintain the skin's health and youth. Especially with Glycolic Acid, which really makes the skin smoother, brighter. It can also increase the collagen production. Be careful not to use Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C together. The Pixi Glow Tonic is an iconic, well loved toner. 


Main Image Credits: Instagram @selenagomez