We're with another article for our girls in their twenties. Last time we talked about blind pimples and dull skin. Today is all about skin prep before makeup. It is one the things that a lot of us skip, because we depend on our foundation to fix everything, which shouldn't be the case. The better your skin looks, the better your makeup looks as well.  Prepping the skin before makeup helps enhance its texture, minimize pores and give it a lit from within glow. So here are some steps on how to prep your skin for makeup that are super simple and effective. We will also be showing you some products that help prep skin for makeup.


You skin needs to be exfoliated so it doesn't pile up dirt and dead skin, giving you a dull and imbalanced skin texture. Gentle exfoliation is really good for you. It helps balance and prefect the skin's surface, therefore brightening the skin, giving it a glow while also allowing the base makeup to go on smoother and look less bumpy and cakey. Make sure you pick an exfoliant that is not too harsh and that is suitable for your skin type. Don't use anything that irritates your skin. Excessive exfoliation can be harmful so be gentle and take care. 


This Neutrogena product is an exfoliating cleanser so a 2in1 product. It helps give the skin a deep clean. L'Oréal's exfoliant helps get rid of any impurities and removes dead skin cells.


Toners are a really great product for balancing the skin and preparing it for makeup and skincare. Toners help even further by removing any remnants of impurities. They also help balance the skin's PH levels and on the long term, its texture as well. 


You can choose between the Neutrogena Toner which is great for sensitive skin because it is free from alcohol or any harsh chemicals. You can also use the Avène Toner, which is also gentle, helps cleanse the skin and minimizing pores.


After cleansing the skin really well, you need to give it back its moisture. Moisturizing before makeup is so important. It will make your skin look healthy and plump, even with makeup on. It will also make the makeup go on smoother, especially if you have dry or flaky skin.


These two are really good options for a pre-makeup moisturizer. The Laroche-Posay Toleraine line is very popular and Garnier's Moisture Bomb has a non-greasy formula which is good for wearing under makeup.  

Eye Mask 

Dark tired under eyes and puffy under eye bags are common among this age group because of the late nights and long working hours. Applying an eye mask before your event and makeup application, will you out a lot. They give the under eye area life and reduce puffiness, especially if you leave them in the fridge. This is also a red carpet trick that is done for a lot of celebrities. 


The Sephora Eye masks are really popular and good, but if you're looking to splurge try the Estée Lauder Eye Masks.

Eye Cream 

For good concealer application, under eye creams are important, especially if you have dryness under your eyes. They will help hydrate the area and prepare it for makeup. 


You can choose between the Yves Rocher Moisturizing Fresh Gel, or the Olay Eye Lifting Serum

Face Primer

A face primer is one of the most important steps for good looking base makeup and having it last as long as possible. Pick a primer that targets your skin concern; there are primers for oily skin to mattify it, primers for moisturizing the skin and ones for a blurring skin perfecting effect to minimize pore appearance. 


You can try the e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer to hydrate your skin prepping it for foundation. You can also choose the Maybelline Baby Skin for a smooth texture and pore minimization.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @nikki_makeup