Everyone knows that the sun and your skin are frenemies! Sun gives us heat and sunlight which helps our bodies make vitamin D for stronger bones and a general better wellbeing. However, sun rays also have UVA and UVB which can be harmful to our skin, causing wrinkles, dryness, pigmentation and skin cancer on the long run, this is why we wear sunscreen and sunblock on a daily basis. We make many mistakes when it comes to our skin and one of them is not wearing sunscreen while cooking.

Cooking is mostly an indoors process, but still, you spend a great deal of time being exposed to flames and heat from ovens. Cooking gas releases heat and light, and according to dermatologists, this still could be as harmful to our skin as sun rays. Some people, more than others, spend most of their time cooking and they should wear sunscreen that is not less than SPF 30.

Make sure to apply it on your face, both of your hands and any other exposed area. This will protect your skin from getting damaged and becoming dull or dry. After you're done make sure to moisturize your skin and drink water to compensate the hydration it lost.

Main Image Credits: A Cup of Jo