Your Ultimate Guide to Take Care of Dry Skin

Heba Abohemed
8/23/20, 12:00 AM

Dry skin, like any other type of skin, requires attention and good care. Whether it’s summer or winter, you need to provide your dry skin with protection, and the right products and treatments, to keep it looking healthy, plump, and to avoid skin flaking and itching. Well, don’t worry because I have the ultimate guide to help you learn how to take care of dry skin in the few next lines.

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How to take care of dry skin at home:

1. Cleansing

Begin by washing your face with lukewarm water, and to cleanse, use a cleanser that has hydrating ingredients, isn't too harsh and preferably natural because your dry skin is very sensitive and chemicals might cause some inflammation.

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2. Rose water as toner

Dampen a cotton ball with rose water. Besides its refreshing feeling and amazing smell, rose water will cleanse and tighten your pores.

3. Moisturize always!

You should always moisturize. Pick something that is appropriate for dry skin. Use products that have Hyaluronic acid so it can really hydrate the skin. What is Hyaluronic acid? Read all about it here. 

4. Sun protection

Never leave your house without applying sunscreen, and if you want you can wear BB cream which contains SPF to protect your skin.

5. Moisturize before makeup

If you're applying foundation and/or concealer and you don't want it to look cakey for flakey, moisturize well before applying your makeup. You could also do a hydrating sheet mask to give your skin a nice kick of moisture. 

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6. Freshen up midday

In the middle of the day, take two minutes of your time to wash your face with water and then re-apply moisturizer, that is if you’re not wearing makeup.

7. Drink water 

Everyone should be drinking plenty of water, but you have dry skin you will notice the biggest difference when you start drinking enough water.

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8. What about food?

As for food, make sure you include a lot of fibers, vitamins A, B and C as they’re very beneficial for dry skin.

9. DIY natural face masks

Trying doing some homemade natural face masks at home, with hydrating ingredients like honey, aloe vera and avocado. Here are some hydrating DIY masks to try

10. Never sleep with your makeup on

Remove it gently with natural makeup remover like a damp cotton ball with coconut oil. And then wash your face and tone with rose water, and finish off with night cream moisturizer.

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