Tips to Help Prevent Dry Hands From Santizers and Handwashing

Mai Atef
3/18/20, 12:00 AM

Proper handwashing requires the use of a lot of soap, water and sanitizers for multiple times during the day and these days we're all multiplying our sanitization and hand washing because of the coronavirus. Your hands will start to suffer from dryness because of the alcohol and constant handwashing. Using just any hand moisturizer might not be effective enough, especially because some moisturizers have alcohol as an ingredient. This is why we're showing you how to take care of dry hands and properly moisturize them

What causes dry hands? 

1. Frequently washing your hands with warm water can lead to dry skin.

2. The constant use of soap is also one of the most common causes of dry skin.

3. Using a hand sanitizer with a high level of alcohol is a main cause of dry hands. 

Of course we should never stop the use of sanitizers or washing our hands as many times as possible these days to protect ourselves from germs. But we can put more effort into moisturizing our hands, especially since increased dryness and cracking in the hands can make you more vulnerable to infections. Try to avoid using warm water so as to not dry the hand even further.

Did you know you can make your very own hand sanitizer at home?

Tips for dry hands from sanitizers:

Disinfectants and sanitizers have large percentages of alcohol, add to that the constant handwashing these days, you get our hands screaming for help...

1. Avoid using hand creams with a large percentage of alcohol, as it could only worsen your dry hands.

2. Use creams with strong moisturizing ingredients, to ensure constant hydration and smoothness, such as Vaseline or Aquaphor. They can quickly help protect the hands from cracking and do not negate the effects of sanitizers.

3. Moisturize immediately after washing your hands or using sanitizer.


If you don't have access to these products you can make your own DIY hand moisturizer at home:


- 1 cup aloe vera gel  

- 1 tsp vitamin E  

- 15 drops of your favorite essential oil  

- 1/2 cup grated honey wax  

- 1/2 cup of your preferred oil


1. Mix the aloe vera gel with the vitamin E and essential oil.  

2. Place on a hot water bath.  

3. Mix in and dissolve the beeswax with the oil in another hot water bath and let it cool.  

4. Now add the previous mixture (#3) to the aloe vera gel, vitamin E and essential oil mix (#1) and mix them well for around 15 minutes.  

5. Place the mixture in a clean jar and use it when needed.

Follow these tips to know how to protect your hands from dryness and dehydration because of constantly handwashing: 

1. Make sure you wear gloves to protect your skin from dehydration and viruses, when you go out or if you're doing any household chores

2. Avoid using perfumes on your hands, so the alcohol doesn't make them even dryer.

3. It is preferable to use sanitizers when you're not home and cannot wash your hands with water and soap, because soap is less drying and irritating to the skin.


1. You must remember to wash you hands before, after and during food preparation, as well as anytime you've touched a surface that's not clean.

2. Make sure you're washing your hands for at least 20 seconds to ensure the removal of any germs.

3. Even though hand sanitizers are very drying, you should never stop using them so you can protect yourself and family from any viruses or bacteria. 

It is important to know the the do's and don'ts of handwashing to make sure that you're protecting yourself and your family as much as you can from the Coronavirus.

How to Handwash, for adults and children:

1. Before adding soap, soak your hands in cold water.

2. Now wash your hands with soap, making sure you're rubbing it everywhere, including between the fingers and under the nails, for at least 20 seconds.

3. Rinse your hands with water, dry them well and then don't forget to moisturize!

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