Yes, there are so many reasons why your nails don't grow that you really don't know about. Several factors can truly affect the growth of nails, from your daily lifestyle to how and what you eatIf you have been complaining about brittle and weak nails, then your first step to treating this problem is knowing the reasons why your nails aren't growing...

1. Your diet affects your nail growth

A balanced diet is the key to making your nails grow faster. Eating the right types of food will not only make your nails grow faster, but also will strengthen your nails and prevent them from breakage.

2. Stop biting them

In order to make your nails grow faster, you should instantly stop biting your nails because it's one of the main reasons your nails are damaged. 

3. Acetone

You should also switch the nail polish remover you're using if it's high in chemicals or has too much acetone in it. Nail polish remover with higher acetone levels can dry out your nails and cuticles, leaving them more prone to breakage.

4. Let your nails breathe

Just like your hair, you should also consider giving your nails a break. No matter how much we all love nail polish, too much nail polish can leave your nails chipped and they may even change in color. Enjoy your natural looking nails at least one or two days per week. 

5. Don't just buy any nail polish!

Think twice before buying just any nail polish, because bad quality nail polish can hinder the growth of your nails greatly. What you don't know is that there are some hidden harmful substances in this little bottle of nail polish. So, make sure to go for nail polish that has vitamins in it.

6. Moisturizing is crucial

Did you know that not moisturizing your nails and cuticles is a reason why your nails don't grow properly? Make sure to stick to applying natural oils on your cuticles before you go to bed every night, to keep them healthy and moisturized. 

7. Doing the dishes

Since cleaning dishes is probably a daily chore you have to get done,  you may need to change the way you do it, in order to keep your nails healthy. Not only do you have to wear plastic gloves, but you should also apply oils and an efficient heavy duty moisturizer right after you finish, to strengthen your nails.

8. How do you file your nails?

Using a nail file the wrong way is one of the most common causes behind slow nail growth. If you file your nails a bit too often or use a nail file that's too harsh, then you're really damaging your nails. Always remember that balance is the key.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @_moon_nails_