Nails are not just an extension of your fingertips, they're an accessory that can completely change how your hands look. Changing the shape of your nails can make your fingers thinner or longer and leaner, and changing your nail polish color can make your skin tanner or fairer.

The magic of nails and how they can complement your hands and even your outfit has always mesmerized me but there was a problem, I was biting my nails for so long and they were ugly, really short, and the nail bed itself was no longer the normal size of an average nail bed.

My mother tried everything to help me quit; she gave me that disgusting medicine to put on my nails, vitamins, and nail strengtheners. Nothing worked because I would still find myself biting them.

The only thing that helped was my love for nail polish. I loved the endless possibilities of colors, and was really inspired by beautiful long nails. So, I started applying nail polish to my ugly short nails.

It's kind of like growing out your eyebrows, the beginning is a really horrendous phase, where it looks nasty, and the nail polish makes your nails look even shorter. But after a while, you start forgetting about biting them. I noticed that I was leaving my nails alone because they have color on, and because I wanted to experiment with colors, it inspired me to want to get them longer.

I started using nail strengthener along with the nail polish, and step by step I started aiming for wanting them longer and healthier, and every time I took the nail polish off to switch colors I would notice improvement, and it would push me to aim for more.

So try this tip and see if it works for you, it could be the next step to your nail goals.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @chrisellelim