During the early 2000’s, we spent most of our time plucking our eyebrows, and we were so happy with their very thin shape. But little did we know that thin eyebrows were so unflattering, and they made us look old! And now, we’re trying to fix the damage we’ve done before. You've probably heard that castor oil can help you get thicker eyebrows, right? Well, it's true. So let me tell you how to use castor oil to grow your eyebrows.

Benefits of castor oil for your eyebrows:

Castor oil boosts the blood circulation to the hair follicles, so this way your hair can grow back thicker.

How to use castor oil to grow your eyebrows?

1. First of all, you need to stop threading your eyebrows. And ask the specialist who does your eyebrows to use a new and clean razor instead, to remove the extra hair. Your hair follicles will open up, and will have a way to grow hair.

2. Mix 2 tsp of castor oil with 1 capsule of vitamin E (open, and then squeeze out the oil), and 1 tsp of spearmint oil.

3. Dip a cotton bud into the mixture, and apply it right on your eyebrows.

4. Repeat this routine every single night before you go to bed, and depending on your body and hair type your eyebrows can grow thick in three to six months.