Have you ever waited for months to grow out your eyebrows, only to fall into someone's hands who ruins the shape of your eyebrows? Well ladies, you do not need to go through such a hassle, as we will tell you how to shape your eyebrows correctly yourself.

1. Start off by brushing your eyebrows with a small brush or an old mascara brush. Just make sure to clean the old mascara wand before using it.

2. Trim the visible long hairs that are usually at the starting point of your eyebrows. Just make sure to trim the hairs at the exact length as the shorter hairs, forming a straight line.

3. Using tweezers, start plucking the stray hairs, above and below your eyebrows that appear outside the initial shape of your eyebrows.

4. In order to define the starting point of your eyebrow, place a pen from the side of your nose, stemming upwards, passing the inner corner of your eye. The pen will land at the starting point of your eyebrow; pluck away the strays surrounding the starting point.

5. Next, move to the curves of your eyebrow, which is quite the hardest part to deal with. You must start by figuring out where exactly is the tip of the curve of your eyebrow. To figure that out, look in the mirror, place the pen again to the side of your nose, it should cross the middle of your eye, landing at a spot on your eyebrow, which is your curve.

6. As for figuring out where your eyebrows should end, place the pen to the side of your nose, angling it outwards to pass the outer corner of your eye, landing somewhere above your temples. That is the point where your eyebrow should end.

While this process might seem confusing it really isn't. Check out the pictures below to help your visualize how to shape your eyebrows correctly.

Photo Credits: Huda Beauty