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| by The Fustany Team

Four Eye Makeup Tricks to Cover Dark Circles Like a Pro!

Women often spot dark circles under their eyes, and while there are certain ways to identify what causes them and how to get rid of them, sometimes they just need a quick fix. Well, makeup is the answer here! So, here are four eye makeup tricks to help you cover dark circles like a pro makeup artist.

1. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone, and then apply it in a triangular shape. After you blend in the concealer so well, you'll notice that this eye makeup trick has brightened up your face, helping you cover the dark circles better.

مكياج العيون - إخفاء الهالات السوداء

2. This eye makeup trick might sound a bit weird, but you can actually use red lipstick to help you cover dark circles. It's tried and tested by many makeup artists, and it works because the red shade covers the purplish blue shade that results from dark circles around your eyes. Just make you apply a thin layer of lipstick, blend it, and then apply a thin layer of concealer that you also have to blend very well.

مكياج العيون - إخفاء الهالات السوداء

3. Forget about concealer, and try to focus on your eyelashes! There's a simple trick to thicken them without using any fake lashes... Sprinkle baby powder on your eyelashes, and then apply your mascara. When your eyelashes look long and thick, your eyes will look more bright, and this will help you hide the dark circles.

مكياج العيون - إخفاء الهالات السوداء

4. After you're done with your eye makeup, apply a bit of highlighter on your fingertip, and dab it onto the inner corners of your eyes. This will also drive the attention away from the dark circles under your eyes.

مكياج العيون - إخفاء الهالات السوداء

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