You’ve been having an exhausting week and wondering how to hide dark circles under your eyes with makeup? Sure, there are some secrets to cover those annoying dark areas all around your eyes. Turn your look from exhausted to super fresh, by knowing how to hide dark circles under your eyes with makeup.

1. Moisturize the surrounding of your eyes, in order to avoid a cakey makeup look. This also helps the makeup to sit in for a longer time.

2. The second step to covering the dark circles under your eyes with makeup, is to know your skin tone and undertones. A common mistake women tend to make, is covering the dark spots with a too light shade of concealer or foundation. The color of your concealer or foundation should be from 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin, to actually hide dark circles under your eyes. 

3. After knowing the right shade of concealer, apply the concealer under your eyes, in order to cover the dark circles. Make sure to add another layer of foundation, that also matches your skin, while blending them together with a smooth makeup sponge. The main aim here, is to blend both foundation and concealer together.

4. At this point, you may want to highlight the surrounding or your eyes and contouring is definitely the answer. Pick a highlighter, that is one shade lighter that your skin. Pen highlighters are the best, because you can easily control the amount you use during application.

5. Using the pen highlighter, add a couple of tiny dots right above your cheekbones, forming a mini inverted triangle next to and parallel to your nose. Gently blend the highlighter nicely with your skin. It makes your skin look fresh, and it definitely covers the dark circles.

6. You could also apply some shimmery off-white or beige eyeshadow, at the inner of your eyelids to brighten up your eyes, and to draw attention away from dark circles under your eyes and make your eyes look bigger

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