There’s nothing worse than weak nails, and being afraid of growing your nails long because you know that they’ll break! You also feel like you need to paint them all the time, because of their yellowish color, which will make them even weaker. But all of these problems have natural solutions, and one of the key solutions is vitamin E oil on nails.

When you apply vitamin E oil straight on your cuticles and nail beds, you can improve your nails’ health with time. Sustainability and patience are important when treating any body part naturally, because natural remedies might take a while to get you there, but they're better for you on the longer run. So how can vitamin E oil make your nails healthier and stronger?

1. Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants

Antioxidants can protect your nails from aging and turn its color from a yellow tired color to a natural healthy one.

2. Nail polish and acetone are very harmful to your nails

Excessive use of them nail polish and acetone can be very damaging to your nails and cuticles. Vitamin E oil can help repair that problem.

3. Vitamin E oil heals dry nails

If your nails are overly dehydrated and dry, Vitamin E is intensely moisturizing.

4. Vitamin E oil also strengthens brittle nails

You know when your nail look and feel like they're about to break any second, it means they're brittle and they need strengthening. 

5. Vitamin E when taken as a supplement...

It can improve your blood circulation, which is important for hair growth and nail growth. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @drybylondon