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The Best Hand Sanitizers and How to Make One Yourself at Home!

Jasmine Kamal
3/17/20, 12:00 AM

Washing your hands and hand sanitizers have become a necessity these days that literally everyone in the world is talking about and should be doing. The virus outbreak has led to everyone researching 'how to prepare for coronavirus' and since we all want to protect ourselves from viruses and getting sick, which are very easily transmitted from our hands, we had to find out about the best hand sanitizers. However, you need to be aware of the fact that sanitizers are not a replacement for hand washing, they're just to be used when you don't have access to that. 

So let's talk about the best hand sanitizers that you can buy right now and also how to make hand sanitizer at home, in case you can't leave the house or its prices have gone up...

Hand sanitizer can be very drying for the hands, here's how you can help protect your hands and keep them soft.

The Best Hand Sanitizers:

1. Purell Advanced Aloe Scent Hand Sanitizer


One of the most famous brands for a good hand sanitizer is Purell. This one is very good, as it contains ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 70%, which is what kills 99% of the germs in our hands that could be transmitted, making us sick.

2. Highmark Advanced Hand Sanitizer


This sanitizer is really suitable for dry skin, for it has vitamin E and aloe vera extract. However, it contains ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 65%, which could make a little less effective with killing germs. So, it is better to apply it more than once and generously. 

3. Equate Hand Sanitizer with Aloe


This is a big bottle with a reasonable price, if that's something you're on the lookout for. It contains 62% ethyl alcohol, which is not a very high percentage, but it will not dry your hands out as much. Make sure you use it generously and consistently.

4. Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer


If you are looking for a sanitizer that is suitable for children, try this one. It contains a mixture of coconut oil, cucumber and bananas and it contains ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 62%, which is gentler on your kids' skin.

5. Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray


This one contains ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 70% which means that it is better at killing germs up to 99%. It's a spray bottle which makes it easier to use. It has glycerin and aloe vera extract, which makes it gentler on the skin and doesn't dry it out as much.

6. HiGeen Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer


This is one of the best hand sanitizers currently in the market. It comes in different scents, like lemon, strawberry and others. It also claims to kill 99% of bacteria and germs.

7. Solimo Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E and Aloe


This is also a big bottle that has a high alcohol concentration to help kill bacteria and germs. It has vitamin E and aloe vera extract to make it gentler on the skin.

How to make a DIY a hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients:

- 70% isopropyl alcohol

- Empty spray bottle

- A bottle of water

How to make a hand sanitizer:

1. Put some of the alcohol in the spray bottle.

2. Add water that is twice that amount.

3. You can also add 5 drops of any essential oil.

4. Shake the bottle well before using it.

Watch below how to make hand sanitizer and follow the steps ...

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