We all want to give our skin an incredible glow and have skin reviving and brightening skin treatments just in time for eid vacation, to combat work-stressed skin and pollution-congested pores. There are a lot of skin treatments and facials to choose from, like chemicals peels, carbonated laser and radio frequency. This can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. What to choose and which skin treatment is right for your skin? Our skin needs differ, from suffering from acne to dull tired skin, in need of revival. Therefore, we presented all these questions to dermatologist Hadeer Tawfik, so she can address some of your skin treatment concerns and questions...

Explain to us a little bit about Carbonated Laser (or Laser Skin Resurfacing)

Fractional co2 Laser treatment, or it's also known as Carbonated laser, is a modern technique and treatment that you can consider if you're in a need to regain brightness to your skin. co2 laser treatment is used to treat specific cases, like dark hyperpigmentation, acne holes and scars, as well as freckles and Melasma. Therefore, I don't advise getting Fractional co2 skin treatment for just normal skin brightening, only when there are severe, bigger cases of scarring or pigmentation due to facial acne.

The side effects of Fractional co2/Carbonated Laser skin treatments...

This type of skin treatment requires some skin prep beforehand. You need to prepare your skin one month in advance for the Fractional co2 Laser session, or at least 2 weeks beforehand. You also shouldn't expose your skin to any sun at all for 2 weeks after the session. That's why I don't advise doing it before an important event or Eid because the skin will be inflamed and sensitive as a result of the session. Also Fractional Laser doesn't work on deeper skin tones, and it is advised you go for Fractional Laser, Radio Frequency treatments. 

What is Fractional Laser?

There are 2 types of Fractional Laser. The first is known as Carbonated Laser and the second is  Radio Frequency Laser. It is a device with small needles that aids the renewal of skin cells with the production of collagen, which results in brighter skin. It used for cases of skin problems due to acne and can also be suitable for those with enlarged pores


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What are the pros and cons of Radio Frequency?

It is among the best forms of treatments for skin brightening/skin revival. It is also suitable for a lot of skin tones. There is no need to prep the skin in advance for the session. However, afterwards you should stay away from the sun for only 2 days, just until the skin calms down and is no longer inflammed.

You should really take care if you're getting Carbonated Laser or Radio Frequency Laser, to always use sunblock, skincare products and emollient cream after every session to protect and prolong the effects of the treatment.

Are there any dangers to getting laser treatments in the summer and being exposed to direct sun?

Laser hair removal burns the hair follicles. It exposes the skin to a high temperature. So, you should definitely avoid direct sun or tanning after a laser hair removal session, because it can result in inflammation and burns. It is preferable that you get laser hair removal at least 3 days before exposing your skin to sun. It is also advised to stop showering with hot water, having soap on the treated skin or swimming in a pool or beach after laser hair removal sessions. So, I don't advise getting laser before going on a beach vacation.

What are the best skin treatments/facials that you recommend for beautiful, glowing skin, and that will show results right away from the first session?

There are some treatments that will give you results from the 2nd to 4th session, at least. However, you can notice and see a difference from the first session, but it depends on your skin type. Some skin types can witness a 10% difference and brightness of the skin, from the first time. While others can see a 30% difference.

The Dermapen, with all its types, is among the best. This treatment uses vitamins or the growth factor on the skin using the Dermapen, depending on each skin type. Also, Radio Frequency treatments are great and you can see results from the first session.

What are the most constantly requested and booked skin treatments before Eid?

The Dermapen is a great skin treatment that I would advise to have before Eid, whether it's using plasma, vitamins or growth factor. It also doesn't take a lot of time, whether it's during the session or after, you need to stay away from the sun for only 2 days. However, if you have sensitive skin, I don't advise you get any skin treatments before Eid right away because the skin will be inflamed for a long time. So, if you're planning on getting a skin brightening facial before Eid, I would recommend getting it 3 or 4 days before Eid, not a day before, so you can ensure the inflammation is healed. 

Which skin treatments do you advise people to stay away from before Eid?

Like I mentioned before, Fractional co2 or Carbonated Laser must be avoided before Eid or any events. That's because it requires a lot of time, whether before or after the treatment. The skin needs at least 2 weeks to recover. If your skin is sensitive, stay away from any treatments directly before Eid. 


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Are there any solutions for girls with light blonde hair to see results from laser hair removal?

Until now, there is an unavailability of the laser hair removal devices that are capable of working on those with blonde hair. This is because laser devices remove hair containing dye or color, and blonde and white hair do not contain color. However, there are some laser devices that can remove blonde hair, but can be found abroad.

What are the best skin treatments that you recommend for ages 20-30?

In your 20's, you must pay attention to using good skincare that will benefit your skin on a regular basis. However, when it comes to reviving skin facials and treatments, you have to use hydrating creams after each session consistently to make sure your skin looks great for a long time. This is because the skincare aids with prolonging the effects of treatment. 

I advise those that are 35 and above to try HIFU, which works on firming using sound waves. It also helps give the skin a glow and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. I also recommend Fractional Laser treatments for those of the same age range. 

Are chemical peels effective? What are the pros and cons of chemical peels?

A chemical peel is a very effective treatment for helping with brightening the skin in cases of strong   and dark pigmentation. Chemical peels can also be done on the body in cases where there are dark areas on the body, like the bikini and underarm area. It takes in 2-4 sessions to help get rid of those dark spots. 

However, chemical peels have a huge con because it affects the color of the skin and the areas that were treated. After brightening those areas, it is possible that the color changes again and becomes even darker than it was before the peel. This is the only negative aspect of the treatment. However, there is more than one type of peeling treatment for the body and that depends on the skin type and the area being treated, whether it is sensitive or not.

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