I know what's its like to wake up with clear skin, and then the second I step outside my home, all hell breaks loose. No matter how hard you try, at the end of the day you find your skin irritated, breaking out and your pores are clogged up once again. This is the aftermath of living in a city with car engine smoke, factories releasing toxins, and just generally polluted dirty air.

Your average skincare routine is not enough to solve the problem. So, I figured out for you the best way to minimize the damage done to your skin throughout the day. Follow these steps after a long day outside, and thank me later!

1. Double Cleanse

I’ve heard horror stories of people washing their face with only water. Your skin needs a lot more than water. I like to use an oil cleanser first to take off my make up. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is really good. An easy to find alternative is coconut oil; it melts away makeup really well, and even waterproof mascara!

After that, I use a gentle facial wash. I don't like using anything that lathers up too much. It strips away the skin's moisture, which results in the production of even more oil. Keeping the skin hydrated will help balance out its oil production. Here are examples of my favorites:

2. Clay Masks

After cleansing, the next step would be to extract all the dirt that is deeply buried in your skin. You’ll find that your clogged pores opened up, and your skin feels less bumpy and more refined. L'oreal came out with a new range of clay masks that are really great.

3. Toner

And then, here's my favorite part. Toner! Toner is the final step to really cleaning up your skin. It does wonders and whenever I don't use it, I always notice a difference. It balances out your PH levels, this means that any skincare product you put on after it, will start working on a clean and balanced surface, resulting in the best possible results. Rosewater is a great soothing toner, but here is another one I like too...

how to care of your skin - skincare products - toner

4. Moisturizing

The final step is here, and I can’t stress it enough. Moisturizing! Even if you have oily skin, this is a must! You’ve been stripping your skin all day from its oils and moisture, and now you need to give it back. Use a heavy moisturizer, so you wake up with a plump and glowy skin. I love using sleeping masks. They’re a heavier texture than your usual night cream. These are the one's I've been trying out lately and I'm loving...

how to care of your skin - skincare products - Moisturizinghow to care of your skin - skincare products  

Main Image Credit: Instagram @moka_body