Six Reasons Why Your Sensitive Skin Is Irritated

Heba Abohemed
2/28/17, 12:00 AM

Women with sensitive skin struggle more than women with any other skin type! You might think that your sensitive skin is not easy to deal with, well it’s not true. Your sensitive skin just needs a little more care and lots of attention to what touches your skin. So let’s see what are the six reasons that make your sensitive skin irritated?

1. Products that contain alcohol might irritate your sensitive skin.

Many toners contain alcohol, and what you don’t know is that alcohol is very irritating for your sensitive skin, so try to avoid toners with high percentage of alcohol, or you can use rosewater as a natural toner.

2. Fragrances in some beauty products might be irritating to your sensitive skin.

Some beauty products contain fragrances; that’s very bad for sensitive skin. So the next time you buy a beauty product make sure it’s fragrance-free.

3. The sulfate that exists in cleansers might irritate your sensitive skin.

Women with sensitive skin should avoid facial cleansers, body washes and even mouth washes that contain a lot of chemicals. The best choice is a soap with natural ingredients, which is now available in many brands.

4. Another reason why your sensitive skin is irritated, is because of rough scrubs.

Sensitive skin cannot tolerate a rough scrub; you can use it on your elbows and your knees, but never on your face. Instead, look for something very soft and gentle on your face.

5. Sunscreen might also cause your sensitive skin to irritate.

Avoid sunscreens that contain a lot of chemicals, because as I mentioned many times before, chemicals are very harmful to your sensitive skin. Another tip: when you pick a sunscreen, pick something that would protect you from ultraviolet sunrays.

6. Lemon is another reason why your sensitive skin is irritated.

Lemon is a big no for people with sensitive skin, so avoid products that contain lemon in their ingredients and avoid lemon in homemade natural beauty recipes.



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