In order to figure out the best beauty products to use, and the suitable beauty routines to follow, every woman must know her skin type. Women sometimes assume that they have normal skin, while in fact they might have another type of skin, and they could be using all the wrong skincare products, which is a step back to have perfect skin.

It's never too late! So read along to find out how to know your skin type. You won't believe it's so simple to figure out.

How to know your skin type?

1. Wash your face with water and a mild cleanser. Rinse very well, and then gently pat dry.

2. Now that you've washed away any oils or dirt, wait for an hour, and meanwhile, don't touch your face!

3. Use a tissue paper or an oil blotting paper, and start dabbing on your face, one area at a time.

4. Take notes, and notice which areas have left residues on the paper you've used.

There are four different types of skin, and here's your guide to know which one you fall under...

1. If the paper had grease from all-over your face, then you have an oily skin.

2. If the paper included skin flakes or dead skin, and your skin started itching, then you have a dry skin.

3. If the paper had oil traces from around your chin, forehead and nose, and flakes from around your jawlines, then you have a combination skin. This is the most common skin type among women!

4. If the paper didn't show any oils or flaking skin, then you have normal skin. Your skin is neither oily nor dry.

See, I've told you, it's just a simple step that will let you know your skin type. Now be careful, and start to use the right beauty products, and follow a suitable skincare routine that will match your skin type.