Your nighttime skincare routine helps you maintain a healthy and radiant look in the morning. It’s a cycle that you should maintain, so you can age gracefully. So make sure to read the following tips for your nighttime skincare routine, that will surely help you to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

1. Makeup

The first tip for your nighttime skincare routine is about makeup! Never ever sleep with your makeup on. When you go to bed with your makeup on, you are blocking your face pores and helping them store dirt, which will eventually produce zits and pimples. Make sure you are using a waterproof makeup remover, to remove all the makeup stuck inside your pores.

2. Face Wash

Another important tip for your nighttime skincare routine, is to wash your face properly. It can make all the difference. Take your time massaging your face with luke warm water, to make sure you got rid of all the dead cells and the dirt that has been stored underneath. It is also a good way to relax before going to bed.

3. Toner

After washing your face, your pores will open up. But after that, you will need to tighten your pores with a toner, so they don’t store dirt easily. You shouldn't skip this step while performing your nighttime skincare routine!

4. Moisturizer

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combination skin, you need to moisturize your face. An oily skin actually needs to be moisturized before going to bed. When an oily skin detects that it’s too dry, it automatically produces an excessive amount of oil, which you’ll want to prevent from happening, as it might produce zits and pimples.

5. Eye Cream

This tip for your nighttime skincare routine is crucial! Because your eyes say a lot, you want them to look beautiful and fresh. So taking the time to apply some eye cream just to moisturize this area, will make your mornings so much better.

6. Hair

If you're wondering how hair is related to nighttime skincare routine, here is your answer... You need to make sure that your hair is pulled or just make a loose braid. Keeping your hair off your face while you sleep will eliminate the amount of grease and dirt your face can catch from your hair. 

7. Pillows

Make sure your pillow case is changed every week, as keeping the pillow case always clean will also help you keep your face fresh and clean while you sleep preventing germs from getting on your face and into your breathing system.

And finally, just take your time to inhale and exhale before going to bed, free your mind from all the negative thoughts, make sure your room is tidy, listen to some light music and enjoy a good night's sleep.