We're been through every age group from teens, early 20s to late 20s and now it's time for your 30s. A lot of women start getting scared in their 30s because of unfamiliar new skin problems and aging. First of all, aging is inevitable and beautiful, but we know we all want to prolong wrinkles and sagging and there's no shame in that. Let's start this series by introducing some of the most common skin problems in your 30s and the beauty tips for your 30s that can help.

Cystic Acne in your 30s 

It can be quite shocking when you start getting serious acne in your 30s, when you thought acne would be no more. However, this is one of the most common and annoying skincare problems that can arise in our 30s due to a lot of change in hormones and even sometimes as a result of birth control.   

The change in hormones causes the skin to get really dry which results in break outs. Cystic acne is very hard to deal with and dermatologists are recommended when the issue is persistent and severe. 

In your 30s the acne is harder to get rid of compared to your teens or early 20s because the skin's aged and it becomes slower in recovering and showing results from skincare and medication. 

Tips: Keep your skincare routine minimal and gentle. Avoid makeup or any products or foods that clog your pores and try to eat better. Also stress is one of the major causes behind acne so try to heal things from inside out and work on your wellness. 

Uneven skin tone and Dark Spots in your 30s

The older we get the less melanin our skin produces. It happens gradually but can be behind the pigmentation and dark spots that start appearing.

Also our skin gets more sensitive with age and the changes it's seeing can cause it to be sensitive to things it wasn't sensitive to before. Which is why dark spots and uneven skin tone can be a result of overworking our cells to protect us from overexposure to the sun at a younger age. 

Now they're older and slower so protecting your skin from UV is absolutely essential. 

Tips: Sunscreen is a must!. Also exfoliants and brightening products like retinoid and salicylic acid can help enhance your skin's pigmentation.

Dry skin in your 30s

When your skin changes, it starts needing a new routine and different products. In your 30s, if you find that your skin isn't looking as good as it used to and it's very dry, you should try changing the skincare and makeup you're using. Use products that have less chemicals and that are more hydrating. 

Dry skin shouldn't be ignored if you're worried about wrinkles. The drier and tighter your skin is, the more likely it is to develop wrinkles.

Also in your 30s, the skin will start losing and slowing down it's natural production of Hyaluronic acid, which keep it plump and hydrated. It will constantly need to be moisturized because it has become slower at doing that on its own. Also the drier the skin gets, the more sensitive it is. 

Tips: Water is the simplest and one of the most important ways to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy. Also you should moisturize twice a day and use products with Hyaluronic Acid, which will help lock in the moisture.

Skin Aging in your 30s

One of the most common information you will find about skin in the 30s is lower estrogen production and cell turnover. This means that new cells aren't coming out as frequently. As children our new cells would be visible every 14 days, in your 30s it's every 28-35 days. This means that skin will heal slower, start to look more dull and less youthful. 

Also the loss of estrogen makes the skin less full and plump in areas like the jawline and cheekbones, which is why we start looking for ways to make the skin look more firm. Fine lines, laugh lines and wrinkles in areas like the forehead will start becoming more visible. 

Excess oil and clogged pores can also contribute to the skin's dull look and slight aging. Things like exfoliation can boost the skin's cell renewal, which in return will make the skin look younger.  

Tips: Start using things that stimulate collagen production like retinol. If you haven't already started using eye cream, you should. Also protection from the sun is absolutely essential, it really makes a difference with aging, as is drinking water. Don't forget to bring your skincare down to your neck and dĂ©colletage. 


Main Image Credits: Instagram @priyankachopra