I have to admit, being a beauty junky, trends always sweep me off my feet. Around a year and a half ago, I got obsessed with Asian skincare and I unlocked one of their beauty secrets... Face massage! Ever heard of a face roller? I'll give you a mini guide to face rolling 101 and I promise once you try it you'll be in love from first roll!

First, let me take you back to how it all started; In ancient China they have been practicing jade rolling since old times for beauty and health reasons and it's said that the ancient beauty goddess of China which was famous for her perfect skin, The Empress Dixi, one of her many beauty secrets was massaging her face with a jade roller every single day, morning and night. Rolling is quite simple, inexpensive and you can do it anywhere, anytime (I am actually rolling while writing this article). So, let me walk you through different kinds of rollers and how to use them properly.


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Crystals Rollers

Agate, rose quartz and Jade roller; these kinds of rollers are becoming very trendy because of their holistic and beauty benefits as the semi-precious stones. Especially Jade, is naturally cold so it not only de-puffs, it also relaxes and cools the muscles of your face.

Crystal rollers are a personal favorite of mine and I recommend using it daily as it's easy to carry around, natural, chemical free method to promote healthy glow, also each semi-precious stone has a unique healing characteristic. When buying one remember to make sure it's an original stone not dyed marble.


Aquarian Soul

Gua Sha

This small flat scrapper, typically made of horn, bone, or stones. It is famous in alternative Chinese medicine practiced on both body and face, used by applying a repeated gentle pressure in a gliding movement.


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Ice Roller

Ice facial, yes please! Ice benefits for skin are endless; soothing active pimples, an instant de-puffer, tighten pores, gives a radiant glowing face and it's a major help in reducing migraine pain. So, imagine ice on a roller, it's like the best of both worlds. It's my little secret on the go for looking awake, especially for under eye puffiness, while actually being half asleep.


Ali Express

Metal Rollers

There are several shapes and kinds of these rollers, some come with light and different surface textures, normally they're platinum-coated and best kept in the fridge to stay cool unlike stone rollers. The double spherical ones are used more for defining and firming the jaw lines, chin, neck and the cheekbone area. it’s like an exercise for your face.

Benefits of rolling:

Calms redness, increases blood circulation thus reducing puffiness especially the under eye area. Stimulate the lymphatic system to help drain toxins better and fight inflammation which results in a blemish free, clearer and more even skin. Improves skin elasticity and firmness thus slowing aging process and smoothing out existing wrinkles. Rolling Helps relieve migraines (true story! It did ease my vicious migraine attacks and sinus discomfort symptoms.)

How to use it:


Corpa Flora

Step 1: Cleanse your face thoroughly.

Step 2: With soap and warm water, clean your roller. Never put it on your face unclean.

Step 3: Apply your favorite serum or face oil, mine is Vitamin C serum. It's preferred to lubricate your skin well. If you rolled/massaged on dry skin you might cause skin damage.

Step 4: Start rolling! With a gentle pressure, start moving from the middle of your face upwards, always upwards never the opposite. Imagine you are pushing this bubble of puffiness away and out of your face. (Check out the diagram above.)

Step 5: Wipe your face then apply moisturizer. Do it whenever you can and as much as possible. It's very important to keep in mind that this process needs time and dedication. It's just like wanting the perfect behind, you can't squat once a month and expect to have a body like JLo's, right?

Here are some of my tried and loved rollers:

The Body Shop Twin Ball Massager

Matykos Jade Roller

Esarora Ice Roller

Gazb Crystals Agate Roller

Refa Carat Twin Ball Massager

L'Occitane Divine Cream Mask Tool