With the 'Glossier look' trending like crazy, some people have been more into natural glowing skin. However, when you've been used to and loving full and high coverage foundation it's hard to suddenly switch to tinted moisturizer or no foundation at all; especially, if you're insecure about how your bare skin looks.

I've had friends come up to me and tell me they can no longer leave the house without foundation or concealer on, even though they have beautiful skin. As for myself, I had to consciously get myself used to going out with a bare face. It was hard at first, especially, because I had hyper pigmentation and scarring. You just have to power through the first couple of weeks and then you start getting used to your skin and that natural look more.

Here are a few tips on how to start getting used to not wearing foundation:

1. Love your skin

With and without its flaws. You have to look at your skin in the mirror and accept it as it is. Your skin is like your baby, even when it's not cooperating you have to love it just as much, it's going through a phase and it will get better. Accept your skin as it is now.

2. Skin Care

Give your skin the love and care it needs. Foundation hides the flaws but does it get rid of them? No! So, work on getting yourself a skincare routine that will get you proud of your 'I have nothing on' skin. I personally forced myself into not wearing foundation so it would push me into healing my pigmentation with skin treatments.

3. Tinted Moisturizer

Use this or BB or CC creams to give your skin some balance and color correction without completely covering the face. This would also be a very good step into transitioning to no foundation at all.

4. Concealer

Conceal where needed only. Pointing out the problem areas on your face and using small amounts of concealer, blending it into the rest of the skin is something you can try out that will give a natural 'no makeup' look. Also, Conceal or correct under the eyes to brighten and give a healthier look. 

5. Makeup

Shift the attention from your skin to something else. Put on attention grabbing and flattering eye makeup so you can be more comfortable with your look. Some lipstick color instantly brighten and enhance the face. Pick them carefully though, because some shades do the opposite and highlight the skin's imbalance.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sabamubarak