Egyptian makeup artist Zeina El Naggar gives brides the sultry, very flattering feline eye, and glowy goddess like skin. However, I wanted to ask her about something I know most of you struggle with, and are dying to know how to achieve, which is how to make your foundation last all day and night. If you have an event coming up where you want to have perfect skin for a very longtime, then you have to see the tips and tricks Zeina El Naggar said here:

1. The first thing we have to pay attention to are the pores. Make sure your face has not been through any treatments with steam, or hasn't been exposed to hot water during a hot bath, because the heat opens up your pores. Also, the skin is more likely to sweat and get oily quicker when your pores are open.To counter act that, prep the skin by washing your face with cold water or move an ice cube on the face to close the pores. Make sure your face is completely dry before putting on makeup.

2. You have to pick a suitable primer for your skin complexion. If you have large pores, then pick a primer that will hide them, they usually have silicon feel to them. Those who have oily skin should use an oil free or a mattifying primer. For combination skin, use the oil free primer on the t-zone and  a hydrating one on the cheeks and the rest of the face.

3. Picking the right foundation for you is so important when it comes to the durability of it.  For oily skin, pick something oil free or matt or with a powder finish, because anything oil based will make your foundation melt off quickly. For dry skin, use a normal liquid foundation.

4. Next step is to spread loose powder on the entire face because it sets the foundation in place and absorbs any excess oils from the foundation on the face.

5. It's very important to mention that too much of anything will make the face cakey, therefore the foundation would more likely fade away. Put the right amount of product

6. After the foundation and powder is done, use a damp sponge or beauty blender and dab it all over the face to collect any excess foundation or powder on the face, particularity over the nose, chin, and cheek area.

7. If you feel like the coverage of the foundation is not enough, you can apply compact powder to give more coverage, more stability and more fixation.

8. The last step is to spritz fixing spray all over the face to finally set the face. 

Extra Tips:

 If you're going to a wedding or you have an event that runs all day, put a compact powder in your handbag for touch ups or blotting paper for the forehead and nose.

If you have dry skin, then use refreshing hydration sprays that will hydrate but won't melt your makeup away. 

Image Credits: Instagram @zeinaelnaggar