It’s been years now since beauty experts have been emphasizing on the importance of the “before makeup” skin care. And with the massive amount of beauty bloggers giving tutorials on how to make your skin ready for makeup, the message is finally getting through! Making your skin ready for makeup is not a hard a job, it’s just a routine that you need to adopt and never neglect again. So let’s take a look at the five steps that will make your skin ready for makeup.

1. Cleansing your skin:

You really don’t want to put makeup on an unclean skin; you need to wash your face very well with the right facial wash for your skin. Just make sure it’s gentle on your skin and that it won’t rip your face off all its oils, even if you have an oily face.

2. Exfoliating your skin:

This step is optional, you should only exfoliate twice per week, and you should use a gentle type. Why? Because you need to clean the pores so that they can open up, you don’t want an all-red inflamed face because you exfoliated roughly.

3. Applying a gentle toner for your skin:

I suggest you use rose water, because it’s gentle on your skin and very beneficial for your skin. Toners are supposed to go deep to clean the pores and then tighten them, so avoid anything that can leave your face red and inflamed.

4. Moisturizing your skin:

Moisturizers are so important, your skin needs to be moisturized all the time. Makeup can be harmful and can leave your face dry and tired. So, pick something that would go well with your skin type and choose carefully. Everything takes trial and error, so don’t worry if took your time to find out the perfect brand and the perfect type that would suit your skin.

Last tip, moisturizers are to be put in moderation, your face is not supposed to look shiny, also you need to pick a light weight moisturizer so it would blend well with your makeup.

5. Applying a primer:

Primers are supposed to make your skin smooth and even, by filling gaps in it so your base and foundation would look flawless. There are also primers that would keep your face shine-free. You also need to pick a light weight primer, so it doesn’t conflict with your makeup.

Tip: When you apply your moisturizer or serum or even both, you need to leave your skin for 10 minutes before you put on anything else on your face. You need to let it soak in.