Do you usually suffer from dark circles around your eyes? Do you always have puffy eyes? If so, then you probably need to start using an eye moisturizer. Eye moisturizers don’t only moisturize, they also work as anti-aging creams too. So let me give you a recipe for a homemade natural eye moisturizer, and it actually works.

What you will need to make the natural eye moisturizer:

- 7 drops of cactus gel.

- ½ a cucumber, peeled and sliced.

Steps to make the natural eye moisturizer:

1. Put the cucumber slices in a blender; and mix until the texture changes.

2. Add the cactus gel in a small bowl, and add two small spoons of the cucumber juice to it, and then mix them well together.

3. You can add more cucumber juice to adjust the thickness of the paste, according to your own preference.

4. Put the mixture in the fridge and leave it for an hour.

5. Use the gel day and night, but take care, as the expiry date of the gel is just six weeks if you keep it in the fridge.

P.S. When you're applying an eye cream or eye gel, make sure you tap gently in a circular motion outwards.

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