Wrinkles are annoying, and the worst kind are the wrinkles around the eyes. However, the good news is that there is a way to try and reduce under eye wrinkles, not to mention slow them down a bit. After all, no lady loks forward to getting wrinkles in her future.  Below are a few ways to reduce under eye wrinkles:

1. Wear Sunscreen

We all enjoy a sunny day, don't we? Make sure when you're exposed to the sun that you have some sunscreen on and apply just a little bit of it right underneath your eyes, seems like a small price to pay  to reduce chances of under eye wrinkles. 

2. Don't Smoke

Smoking has many terrible effects on your beauty, one of them being the release of an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin, which are important components of your skin and that results in getting wrinkles much faster and especially under your eyes. 

3. Get Enough Sleep

Everyone jokes around about getting their beauty sleep, but let's face it, we should all consider the importance of sleeping enough hours at night on a daily basis. It helps your skin remain healthy,more elastic and less likely to wrinkle, which will in turn will reduce the appearance of under eye wrinkles. 

4. Don't Squint

When you start squinting you should consider getting your eyes checked or wearing your reading glasses more often so you can reduce chances of under eye wrinkles. It's also very important to wear your sunglasses whenever you're exposed to sunlight, as squinting eventually leads to wrinkles under your eyes.

5. Use Orange Juice

Orange juice is actually a great way to get rid of under eye wrinkles. Dip a cotton in some fresh orange juice and use it underneath your eyes twice per day. In a few weeks you'll notice a huge difference, and the lines and wrinkles below your eyes will become less prominent.

6. Try Out Cucumbers

Let's talk a bit about your upper eyelids and how to reduce the wrinkles over there. Put a cucumber slice on each eyelid and leave it on for a while. What does it do? Well, it reduces puffiness, reduces under eye wrinkles and it also leaves your skin fresh and re-energized.

7. The Magical Coconut Oil

I'm a big fan of coconut oil and talked before about its many benefits. So if you haven't bought a bottle of coconut oil yet, maybe after knowing that it works like magic with wrinkles you'll consider it? Massage the coconut oil under your eyes regularly to reduce under eye wrinkles.

8. Moisturizing

If you ask me what are the beauty products I can't live without, I'd tell you my moisturizer and eye cream! The skin around your eyes is very thin and it's important to use eye cream that moisturizes the area around there in addition to strengthening the skin and making it firmer. Did I mention it encourages collagen and elastin production which reduces wrinkles? Make sure to use your moisturizer and eye cream twice on a day after washing your face (preferably in the morning and evening) to reduce you chances of under eye wrinkles.

9. Drink Water

We all know that drinking water helps your body in ways you can't begin to imagine, but let's focus for a bit from a beauty perspective. Drinking water regularly leaves you with shinny and healthy hair, a glowing skin and of course less wrinkles. Why? A perfectly hydrated body means a healthy and glowing skin, instead of a dry one where wrinkles show and stand out even further. Drink six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis to try and reduce chances of wrinkles, especially any under eye wrinkles.

10. Consider Avocados

Let's start this point by telling you that the epidermis is the outermost layers of cells in your skin and that avocados are great for your epidermis. Using some mashed avocados under your eyes is a very effective way to reduce eye wrinkles. Mixing the oil your skin generates naturally with the oil found in avocados helps epidermis look youthful, which is exactly what we want to achieve.