Heba El Kaissy is a very talented Egyptian makeup artist, so when she shares makeup tips and tricks, we must take notes. And this morning, Heba El Kaissy shared on her Facebook and Instagram profiles very important yet simple makeup dos and don'ts that can make your look perfect. So, I had to share with you what she said:

1. If your teeth are yellow, don't apply orange lipstick, they will look more yellow. Plums, reds and pink lipsticks will make your teeth look whiter.

2. If your face is full, skip the blush and go for contouring.

3. If your eyes are prominent and round, line your eyes from above not below.

4. If your eyes are blue, don't apply blue eyeshadows or blue eyeliners.

5. Never fill your eyebrows in a black shade.

6 If you have acne or scars, stay away from all shimmery highlighters or blushes. They will bring more attention to your imperfections.

7. If your lips are big, then stay away from lip gloss.

8. If your face is dry, skip the powder or else it will look very cakey.

9. Black mascara only. No blues or greens.

10. Don't cover dark circles with light concealers, as it will make them look grey. Cover them first with an orange shade, and then top that off with a medium beige concealer.

11. If you know how to contour the nose, do it. If not, you are definitely better off without it.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @hebakc