Our nail addict and passionate about 'everything nails' member of the Fustany Team, Beesan Sartawi, recently shared with you on our Instagram her nail routine for the perfect pro look. We wanted to take it a step further and share with you all her secrets here as well, so they can live on helping you for years to come. The best thing about this routine is how simple and easy it is, yet effective because of the steps we tend to leave out or forget. Take a look at her routine and secrets to the perfect salon manicure done by yourself at home...

You Will Need:

- Bath salts.

- Hair conditioner.

- Cuticle remover cream/gel.

- Glass nail file.

- Double-ended Cuticle pusher.

- 3 step nail buffer.

- Hand scrub.

- Base coat.

- Nail polish color of your choice.

- Top coat.


1. Remove nail polish or any product remnants with nail polish remover (acetone.)

2. Add salts and conditioner to warm water and soak your finger tips in it.

3. Put cuticle cream around the edges of the nail and then push the cuticles back with the cuticle pusher. Also, you can remove the dead skin with the cuticle pusher very gently. *Watch her tutorial on our highlights to see exactly how she uses it.

4. File your nails whichever way you like them. *Tip: To avoid ingrown nails, file them squared with round edges.

5. Clean underneath your nail with the other end of the cuticle tool. *Tip: You can also remove dead skin around the corner gently with a textured buffer or stone.

6. Use the 3 step buffer to remove the yellow discoloration on the nail.

7. Scrub away the day with a nice moisturizing hand scrub and wash off.

8. Apply the base coat. *Pro TIP! The application makes or breaks the look. Start off at the center and then go to each side. Watch how Beesan does it on Instagram.

9. Apply 2 coats of your nail polish color of choice.

10. Finally, apply a thick layer of a good glossy top coat.

* Make sure your nail polish is runny! Not too old and thick. It's the secret to a perfect salon look.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @the_nail_factory_egypt