How a Stylist Can Actually Help You Save Money?

Beesan Sartawi
12/6/18, 12:00 AM

Every morning you wake up thinking the exact same thing, the never ending dilemma of "What should I wear today?!" "I don’t have anything to wear!" It’s ok it’s not just you, we all face struggle with the same issue from time to time. 

Now before we tell you about the benefits of having a stylist, let us start by breaking down the cycle for you; first of all, the whole point of shopping, other than the fact that’s it’s our favorite sport, is getting new and trendy items to widen your options.  An average shopper will automatically buy a couple of pieces which match each other or with some of items they own already.

Now since we healed the 'wardrobe depression' and you spent a good chunk of your money, you wake up the day excited for the fresh pieces you got with a 'Chiara firragni wedding glow' on your face. After only a few weeks, you cycle to the same point; I don’t have anything to wear!

This is when a personal stylist comes to the rescue by doing something called a 'Wardrobe update', since they are experts in mixing and matching, picking the right color, designing and  pointing out the perfect fabric for your body shape and the right colors for you, you’ll end up shopping but only your own wardrobe. You find yourself putting together new outfits. A client once wanted to throw away most of her clothes and after only one session with a personal stylist she had 60 new outfits from her already existing pieces that she wanted to get rid of.  

Here are some of the things a stylist should help in:

- Analyze your style, body shape and colors (skin tone, hair and eyes) to decide which color palette are you (winter, autumn, summer, spring).

- Assess your wardrobe. it should have the basics, which can allow you to mix and match things like as black pants, white shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of black heels and more. A stylist will tell you exactly what the list of basics are because they are the foundation of any good wardrobe to create outfits for any occasion without spending a lot of money on new items.

-Teach you how to use your accessories and jewelry to create different looks based on your occasion.

-Help you get the most out of your wardrobe, which helps in managing your shopping budget wisely as you will become more aware of the helpful hacks, do's and don’ts for your body.

We always think of personal styling as a service assigned to celebrities and wealthy people only, that’s why we launched our new product 'Ask a Stylist', because we believe that feeling and looking amazing should be for everyone. So we now offer an online service with several experts; Fashion stylists, makeup artists and soon Dietitians.

How to use it? 

It's very simple, browse through the experts or topics you’d like to talk about, book your appointment, finish the payment and there you go...Done! Your Ask a Stylist expert will be right where you want are as it will be an online Video call consultation. which is convenient for everyone. no matter where you're from.  Our experts from around the world will make sure you feel good about yourself and leave feeling inspired!

For more information, please visit our website Ask a Stylist.


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