It's so clear now that fashion has been lately loving modest approaches. This move has taken over even in the bridal field which has made it easier for every veiled bride to pick what suits her hijab and at the same time holds uniqueness and elegance.

After Miranda Kerr has surprised everyone with her extremely modest bridal look, Dior hits again giving Chiara Ferragni, creator of The Blonde Salad, the most chic yet hijab-friendly wedding gown. Chiara showed a powerful inspiration for every hijabi bride on how to cover up but still be just as elegant as she wishes! The bride left us jaw-dropped for how she maintained classiness AND modesty all in a perfect balance. That's why I've shed the light on the following details in her dress and brought to you some information on where to get similar styles with cheaper prices:

1. High necked upper part:

You look at the gown and wonder, what gave it that respectful royal look? It's this easy tip that not a great number of people will actually pay attention to: high-necked pieces. High necks add classiness and discretion to any dress, and that's what Chiara succeeded in doing.


Instagram @thegoldbrunette

2. Perforated Fabrics, no lace:

Lace has been the 'thing' in most wedding dresses for quite some time now, but now Chiara shows another approach which is the patterned perforated fabrics giving the same effect of lace but in a more unique way.


Instagram @dior

3. Flowy skirt, flowy veil:

To calm down the sophistication, Chiara preferred to keep the dreamy impression through flowy and absolutely plain tulle skirt and veil. The upper part did the job of giving a character to the fabric of the gown, yet the lower part and veil embraced a soft bridal look that is always needed.


Instagram @dior

4. The 'Make it easy for yourself' approach:

We always witness brides that literally can't move in their gowns, but Chiara unwillingly gave all brides a lesson on how to make it easy for themselves, and how a bride's dream dress can also be comfortable. The lower part was actually a removable skirt, and when removed, the dress transformed into a short tight one, which really looks suitable for a wedding after-party! You can still apply this on your hijabi gown with the same concept but with a long fitted gown instead!


Instagram @roberta_imperiano

I know what might be going through your head right now, but wait! Who said you have to be able to afford a Christian Dior wedding gown to get this look? Here's your long-awaited part... There are actually similar or even more special dresses that I've collected for you that give the same graceful look and still save your budget! Follow up to know where you could get them:


Main Image Credits: Instagram @startingfinanceitalia