Do you love makeup, and you spend much of your time watching makeup tutorials on social media? Then you’ve probably noticed that all the beauty bloggers use a powder on their face, either after they finish their makeup or after they finish applying foundation. Well, this powder is called setting powder, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it!

So, what is a setting powder?

- Setting powder is basically something you put on after you apply foundation to set and mattify your makeup, which will prevent your makeup from melt while you’re out.

- Setting powder also gets rid of that annoying shine you get from creamy products. Additionally, it gives your skin a nice and soft look by blurring out your pores.

- Another way to use setting powder, is by applying it over your creamy eye-shadow to make it stay longer. 

- Setting powder comes in the form of white powder, translucent powder. This white powder becomes invisible the moment it touches your skin. It also comes in a tinted color to match your skin color. This type can be used without makeup. You can apply it on your oily skin to mattify it, and it will give it a subtle tint too!